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Study Says We Should Be Drinking Way More Tea

by Jennifer McShane
10th Nov 2015

Tea addicts, rejoice! In case you were worried you might be going overboard racking up daily cuppas, fear not. We recently reported that tea drinking can help women live longer, and now we have another reason to keep the habit up. A new study has recommended that we drink up to five brews each day for the further betterment of our health. This is regular black tea, as opposed to herbal teas.

Official health guidelines in the Netherlands – where school children as young as four are already served tea as a lunchtime drink – are for the first time encouraging adults to indulge in more tea, and for good reason.

According to the Health Council of the Netherlands, your three to five cups of brew a day will help reduce blood pressure, diabetes and stroke risks. Tea has also been linked to decreased risks in cardiovascular disease and thrombosis, an added plus for the elderly. It also aids the strengthening of brittle bones.

?We noted that in the scientific literature in the last ten years, there are clear signs that drinking tea is good for your health,? said Eert Schoten, a spokesman for the health council. ?Other studies in the short term looking at risk factors also agree that daily tea consumption in this range is likely to have a positive impact on heart heath.?

This is due to the good stuff that the brew contains, mainly flavonoids, also found in red wine and chocolate. These are plant compounds that are associated with many healthy living benefits. The study maintains the higher density of this magic stuff you consume, the better it is for your general health, as outlined above.

The study guidelines affirmed that the tea must be green or black; Rooibos and other herbal teas do not count.

So, we get to fuel our addiction and improve our health – happy news all around. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re just going to pop the kettle on?

Via Daily Mail

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