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Selma Blair praises Sarah Michelle Gellar for helping her live life post-MS diagnosis

by Jennifer McShane
01st Apr 2019

We often hear much about how debilitating illnesses can affect a person’s life – physically, emotionally, even socially as the struggle to adapt to a new set of daily rules becomes apparent. For the individual who is unwell, it’s this jump – from the ‘before’ to the now – which can hit hardest. To go from having complete control of your body, for example, and its functions to a day-t0-day which might now be beset by small obstacles to overcome (usually with the assistance from others) can be like learning to walk again – it takes time and a huge amount of effort.

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This is a reality that actress Selma Blair knows all too well.

The Cruel Intentions star shared the news late last year that she had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis (MS) and has since been documenting her life with the conditions, and its highs and lows on social media to raise awareness.

And this weekend, she highlighted who we don’t hear enough about, the hidden heroes. The people in our lives who are our constant crutch of love and support, the people who selflessly devote their time and care to helping you live your life to the fullest. For myself, a woman with mild Cerebral Palsy which is deteriorating bit-by-bit each year I get older, it’s my mother, my family and group of really close friends whom I couldn’t be without and for Blair, one of those heroes is her best friend and fellow Cruel Intentions co-star, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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On the set of that film, Gellar “took me under her wing,” Blair has recalled on Instagram.

“Today is no different. I am so in love with my angel of a friend… May we all have a friend like this.”


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Praising her on Instagram, Blair revealed that after she was diagnosed with MS Gellar cooked her dinner, tucked her in bed and “loved me up”. “I woke with so much love for [her],” Blair wrote.

This week, she revealed the pair journeyed to Disneyland to celebrate Gellar’s birthday and to mark the twenty-year release of the movie. It’s been 20 years since they were last at the theme park on a trip to fete Gellar turning 21. This time, they were accompanied by their children and, in Blair’s case, her wheelchair.

Blair uses the mobility aid – along with a stylish custom cane – when she needs it since her diagnosis with MS back in October 2018.

“I am in a wheelchair. Still me though.”

These images went viral before Blair explained why she had to take them down.


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“I took [it] down,” Blair. “Not because I was ashamed or embarrassed, but because it isn’t my picture.”

“I am not giving up on having some recovery. Or at least getting stabilised. I am oddly grateful for the new insight I have into a chronically unpredictable body. And I found my friends to be more generous and kinder than I could have imagined.”

Such aids can offer needed freedom and are necessary to live as full a life as possible; Blair emphasising that is helping to rid them of the stigma they have become associated with. She is always herself – even with the use of these new accessories – and her attitude to life – despite its obvious challenges is utterly refreshing – a balm to bruised souls.

“I am so grateful to mobility aids to make it possible,” Blair said. “And the best friends to push. And to teach a kid, there is a person in the chair.”

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She added that she is too weak to use her cane “all around with a kid and bad tailbone… and none of this needed an explanation.”

“I am in a wheelchair,” she added. “Still me though.”

Blair was equally praised earlier this year as she confidently graced the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscars party; multi-coloured Ralph & Russo gown and cape elegantly billowing behind, custom cane in tow. It was difficult. There were tears. But she did it thanks to her perseverance, strength of will and the friends and loved ones around her, who are helping her fight on the toughest of days.

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May we never forget the heroes who don’t ask to be praised, but whom without daily life would be infinitely harder – and a lot less joyful.

Main photograph: @YahooEnt

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