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Nicholas Hoult and Diana Agron

14th Apr 2015

Keeping up with the love life of Nicholas Hoult…

For some bizarre reason, we find ourselves rather intrigued by the dating habits of one Mr Nicholas Hoult. Not because we particularly fancy him (we do) but more so because he seems like a rather genuine, no bullsh*t kinda dude – something that we can assume to be rare in Tinsel Town. First it was Jennifer Lawrence – and that was a hard one to get over for us too, they seemed so perfectly matched – then we linked the dapper British star to fellow British star Robert Pattinson‘s ex, Kristen Stewart, and nothing much ever came of that, which is probably a good thing for Hoult, given the media frenzy that tends to follow the Twilight actress around. But now? Rumour has it the former Skins star has been ‘casually dating’ Glee actress Diana Agron since last October.

Perfect. To this point Agron’s biggest role has been in Glee, but she’s also turned heads for captivating performance in Sam Smith’s music video for ‘Not The Only One’. Like Hoult, she’s not exactly mega-famous, so perhaps the two low-key stars could make it work. We live in hope to see just one – just ONE – celebrity couple make it past the honeymoon period.


Nicholas and J-Law had enjoyed a relatively long romance, at least in Hollywood years, but soon after their split, the Oscar-winning actress moved on (and then off, and then back on again) with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

We’ve been big Nicholas Hoult fans since the days of his awkwardly chopped fringe in About a Boy opposite Hugh Grant. These days, he’s matured into a handsome, charming and somewhat suave young man. Reports say the pair have been enjoying time together, but Hoult’s still not quite ready for something serious.

As per The Mail, ?It’s early days but things between them are ticking along nicely,? a source told the tabloid (The Sun). ?They’ve been friends for a long time. Nicholas is very low key so at first, Diana would just tag along with him to the pub, and she’d be part of the gang.?No one thought much of it but recently they’ve become quite close and are behaving quite couply.?

The Mail also reveals that Hoult’s been taking Agron on one-of-a-kind dates to his local pub where they often run a table quiz. Call us old-fashioned, but that’s our idea of heaven.