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Netflix has revealed its most watched films and series, and we’re a bit shocked at the results

by Erin Lindsay
24th Oct 2019

Ever wondered how your Netflix watching habits fare next to the rest of the world? The streaming giant has just revealed its most-watched list

Netflix has revealed its most-watched films and series, and the results have left us a little surprised.

The list only features Netflix’s own original content (i.e, it’s not showing how many of us are binge-watching Friends right now) but the results are still interesting, as Netflix is famously very secretive about their global viewing figures.

While it’s no surprise that series 3 of Stranger Things topped the charts of the most-watched TV shows (by almost 20 million viewers, no less), following up on the top five is a varied mix of themes.

Umbrella Academy, a fantasy series about teenagers with superpowers, takes the number two spot, followed by La Casa de Pepel (a Spanish crime drama), You (a much-talked-about romantic crime thriller) and Sex Education (an innovative and funny new series about teenage awkwardness).

On the movie front, the incredible Birdbox scooped the winning title, with true crime and rom-coms revealed to be the most-loved genres. The number two movie spot was taken by Murder Mystery (a rom-com with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler — yeah, we haven’t watched it either) and at the bottom at number 10 was Fyre, the documentary about the real-life PR nightmare of the 2017 failed music festival.

Here are the lists in full:

Netflix top movies (October 2018 – September 2019)

  1. Bird Box (80 million)
  2. Murder Mystery (73 million)
  3. Triple Frontier (52 million)
  4. The Perfect Date (48 million)
  5. Tall Girl (41 million)
  6. The Highwaymen (40 million)
  7. Secret Obsession (40 million)
  8. Always Be My Maybe (32 million)
  9. Otherhood (29 million)
  10. Fyre (20 million)

Netflix top series (October 2018 – September 2019)

  1. Stranger Things (64 million)
  2. The Umbrella Academy (45 million)
  3. La Casa de Papel (44 million)
  4. You (40 million)
  5. Sex Education (40 million)
  6. Our Planet (33 million)
  7. Unbelievable (32 million)
  8. Dead to Me (30 million)
  9. When They See Us (25 million)
  10. Elite (20 million)

IMAGE favourites

Bird Box

When They See Us



Dead to Me

Always Be My Maybe


Featured image: Netflix

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