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My Healthy Life: Indy Power

04th Jan 2017

The cookbook author and founder of The Little Green Spoon, Indy Power, on how she keeps up her energy while indulging in her favourite treats.

ARE YOU HAPPIEST IN THE MORNING, AFTERNOON OR EVENING? It depends on which day of the week it is. On weekdays, I love the evenings. I always make a nice dinner and take a few hours to unwind with my fiance?. On weekends, I love the morning – having a bit of a lie-in and slowly making breakfast.

HAVE YOU ALWAYS HAD A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD? I’ve always loved food, but like most women, I think, I went through a period of calorie counting and eating low-fat diet foods. I was finishing school at the time and thought I was being ?healthy?. It was part of the process for me, and the negative effects of it are what drove me to learn about proper nutrition and nourishing my body, so something good came out of it. I love food too much to deprive myself of anything, so I had to find a way to feel good and enjoy delicious food. I’m so happy I’ve found what works for me.

WHEN DID YOU EMBRACE EXERCISE IN YOUR LIFE? I started exercising properly in my first year in college and I’ve never looked back.

WHAT?S YOUR GO-TO WORKOUT? For the last year, I’ve been working with a personal trainer – mostly weights and body weight exercises. He changes my programme every two weeks, so I’m always doing something different, and I love seeing my body get stronger.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU WORK OUT Three times a week. Usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday – always in the morning, so I can’t make excuses.

NAME THREE THINGS IN YOUR GYM BAG? My water bottle – I use my workout as a way to get loads of water in at the beginning of the day. My phone – for setting timers. And a hair tie for putting my hair up.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE SUPERFOODS? Cacao powder – it’s packed with antioxidants and minerals and so delicious. I use it to make healthy treats all the time. Salmon – it’s full of protein and omega 3s for your heart, brain and skin. Quinoa – I love how versatile it is, and it’s much higher in protein and fibre than other grains. The Moroccan quinoa pilaf in my book is one of my favourite dishes.

WHAT?S YOUR GREATEST INDULGENCE? Dark chocolate and red wine. I can’t go a day without some chocolate, and I love a nice glass of red at the weekend.

FOR THOSE WHO AREN?T NATURAL COOKS, ANY TIPS TO MAKE IT EASIER OR MORE FUN? My advice would be to just keep it simple and use fresh, seasonal ingredients. With good produce and some herbs and spices, you can always create something delicious, even if you’re inexperienced. All of my recipes are really quick and easy, so they’re accessible to everyone. I’m not a trained chef, so if I can do it, you can too!

WHEN DINING OUT, WHAT CAN WE DO TO MAKE HEALTHIER CHOICES? Don’t be afraid to ask for minor substitutions, like swapping chips for roasted vegetables. Look for dishes that are grilled instead of fried. I love eating out, and there’s usually always something delicious and healthy to order if you’re not afraid to ask.

WHAT DO YOU EAT DURING A TYPICAL DAY? For breakfast, eggs and smoked salmon or avocado is my go-to. For lunch, I usually eat whatever I’m recipe testing, so it’s often a combination of a few different things from my website. I’m usually snacking all day, as I taste things too, but if I’m not cooking, I love snacking on roasted nuts. At this time of year, I make a lot of stews and curries for dinner – things that are really warming and packed with spices and veg full of antioxidants.

DO YOU TAKE ANY VITAMINS OR SUPPLEMENTS? I take a probiotic and some fish oils every morning.

CORE ADVICE FOR SOMEONE STARTING ON A HEALTHY REGIME? Don’t rush it. Take the time to really find what works for you. It’s much more beneficial to make gradual changes that are sustainable. Once you start to feel better, you’ll want to keep it up!