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Kris Jenner Talks About The O.J. Simpson Case

by Jennifer McShane
28th Jan 2016

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - DECEMBER 11: TV personality Kris Jenner attends The Inaugural Diamond Ball presented by Rihanna and The Clara Lionel Foundation at The Vineyard on December 11, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

The decade that was the nineties is scarcely mentioned without reference to the now world-famous O.J. Simpson case. The term “media furore” would likely be a light way to describe the attention and coverage it received back in June 1994, when the football star was arrested following the violent murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ronald Lyle Goldman. The eventual not guilty verdict was greeted with shock, notably by Kris Jenner, who was embroiled in the case because her ex-husband, Robert (back then, the most famous Kardashian) whom she was married to at the time, was on Simpson’s defence team. Jenner had been close to Brown, having been friends with her since she was 17.

“I couldn’t breathe. When the [not guilty verdict] was read, everybody was stunned,” she said.” I was just numb. And seeing the photos of [O.J. and his defence team] celebrating, it was hard.”

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Now, as momentum is picking up on the upcoming’series, American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, Jenner spoke to People about the harrowing events that ensured during one of the most famous trials in America. She said she hopes the series will open a conversation about domestic violence, and hoped it would encourage women to use their voices and tell someone, anyone if they are being abused.

?Domestic violence is a real tragedy in our lives,? Jenner said, referring to the fact that Nicole Simpson allegedly reported O.J. to the police at least nine times before her murder. ?[Nicole’s death] could have been prevented. I have five daughters so of course I want women everywhere, especially women of this new generation, to know the story. They need to realise that they have a voice and they need to tell somebody if someone has hurt them.?

The reality star recalled hearing the 911 recording Brown made to police the night of her death, and said she’s carried guilt all her life, for missing the signs.

I saw all the pictures and the police reports and I heard tapes of Nicole calling 911 [after she was abused by O.J.]. That was stuff I didn’t know anything about. I beat myself up because I felt like I wasn’t paying attention. Like, how did I miss this?

“My heart breaks because of all the pain and suffering she went through. I wish I had noticed the signs. She was fighting for her life many days I’m sure. I try to pay attention to things more now. I follow my intuition. But if Nicole’s legacy can be protecting other women, then that would be a really positive thing.?

Via People