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Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Makes A Billion Dollars

31st May 2015

Jessica Alba

It seems that sisters are really doing it for themselves these days. From the 20 most powerful woman in the world to actresses standing up for feminism, women in the public eye are getting some serious notice. Females aren’t hanging around either. Businesswoman and actress Jessica Alba is one such woman. Reports emerged yesterday from Forbes, which said that, her lifestyle brand, The Honest Co., (which focuses on non-toxic products), has hit the billion-dollar mark. This is hugely impressive considering that Alba only founded the company in 2008 after the birth of her first daughter, Honor.

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Forbes also compiled a new list of America’s richest self-made women, detailing the successful entrepreneurs that have made it in the world of business all on their own. Alba fell short of the top 50 but features on the June edition of magazine cover because she has acheived such an amount. As well as everything else, not least her business success, she’s earned her place on the cover.

A few familiar and not-so-familiar female faces that have all excelled with their self-made businesses (and have made a fortune as a result) make the list:

Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes, who is CEO of Theranos blood testing company, and was valued at a whopping $9 billion last year, is the world’s youngest female billionaire. She launched her blood testing company only ten years ago after her uncle died from cancer, which was not detected early enough. The idea for her company came as she sought a way to detect potential diseases early on. Her company’s testing is faster and cheaper than other blood testing, and it can run up to 70 different tests with a blood sample. Very impressive.

Doris Fisher

Doris co-founded mega brand Gap with her husband Donald in 1969 after the pair couldn’t find jeans to fit them. The rest, as they say, is history. The company is hugely successful in the States and a the string of impressive campaigns (remember their Christmas ads? There was a lot of singing in them), and celebrity endorsing (how could we forget Missy Elliot and Madonna? The subsequent parody of the ad by Jennifer and Saunders was all kinds of brilliant too) has seen the company become a huge success since its launch.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, daytime TV queen, actress and general business multitasker takes the number five spot on the list.? Is there anything this woman can’t do? She had her own show, launched a TV network, a magazine and has acted in an Oscar-nominated film or two. Thanks to her involvement in creating many spin-off shows such as Dr Phil, she still makes millions every year even though her chat show is no more.

Donna Karen

The famous DKNY designer takes a place in the top 50. The founder is known for her chic, hugely wearable clothing range, which has since branched out creating accessories and fragrances alongside the clothing. Karen has since stepped down from her role as CEO but remains the company’s chief designer.


Beyonc? just about makes the top 50 at spot 49, but were not even a little bit surprised that she is featured. She is a true force to be reckoned with and is one of the ultimate self-starting women. From her music (she writes and co-produces much of our music, just FYI), to her movies and perfume range, it seems she can take on anything.

It’s hugely inspiring to see so many positive and powerful women making their mark in the hugely competitive world of business. We hope this is just the start of more success to come for females. These ladies have shown that with determination and a lot of hard work (it probably does help that Beyonc? is well, Beyonc?), great things are possible.

The full list is available over on Forbes

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