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The Jan/Feb Issue – Editor’s Welcome

by Rosie McMeel
28th Dec 2017

How is it 2018 already? Last time I checked, I could have sworn it was 1998. As much as I wish life would slow down a little (mainly so I can play my brother’s Game Boy between episodes of Dawson’s Creek), I’m as guilty as the next for pressing the fast forward button. When you work so closely with the fashion industry, it’s hard not to keep looking ahead. And what a season we have to look forward to. Full of feminine accents, sorbet shades and the hardest-working denim you could want – to name just a few of the trends we’ve focused on for SS18. 2017 was bleak for many reasons and felt especially hard for women, but just when things seemed particularly difficult, I had the opportunity to meet and interview Samantha Power. This incredible Irish woman is the former US Ambassador to the UN and advisor to President Obama. She was inspiring for so many reasons, not least because of her humility, strength and ability to articulate herself so clearly, giving voice to those who have none. Talking with her gave me hope, not just because she reminded me that there are people impacting change for the greater good, but she also instilled faith that every single one of us can make a difference. You can read what she has to say on page 56.

Speaking of women who have made a difference, this issue also signals the departure of one who has made a big impact on my life, our editor-in-chief Melanie Morris. Back in 2013, no one knew better than I the enormous shoes I had to fill when I took over from her as editor. Since then, she has uplifted when I faltered, encouraged when I hesitated, and offered kindness when I made foolish mistakes she never would have. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had her by my side for the last five years with permission to tap her extraordinary mind for insights when needed. But I’m not alone in my gratitude; she has personally championed countless Irish women (and many men) over her tenure at the helm of this magazine, and after 12 years, it almost goes without saying that she’ll be greatly missed. Thankfully, she’s not going too far. She’ll still be a contributing editor, and we’re delighted to have her joining our board too, so we’ll continue to have the benefits of her insight, exceptional talent and unique vision. All in all, I think 2018 is looking very bright. I think this is such an extraordinary time for women, and I’m excited to see where it takes us.

Until next month,








Rosaleen McMeel


The Jan/Feb issue of IMAGE Magazine is on sale Dec 29.