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Hundreds of healthcare workers will go on strike today over pay cuts

by Erin Lindsay
21st Feb 2020

The workers are affected by pay cuts and hour reduction for their work in the healthcare sector

Hundreds of Section 39 healthcare workers will go on strike today in an effort to restore their pay.

Section 39 organisations are independent, not-for-profit healthcare organisations, that employ workers for services such as home care, substance abuse, elderly or youth care,  suicide prevention and community care across the country.

Section 39 workers receive dual salary funding between the HSE and voluntary contributions to their organisations. Section 39 workers’ main salary comes from the HSE through a grant, which was cut back in 2010 in line with others in the public sector.

Siptu,  the trade union which represents the workers on strike today, say that, while other public sector staff are beginning to see pay restorations, this isn’t the care for all Section 39 workers.

SIPTU Health Division Organiser Paul Bell said: “The treatment of these vital community health workers, who work in areas such as home care, dementia and Alzheimer services, is totally unacceptable.

Strike action is the only option left open to our members to policy makers and those who fund the services to sit up and take notice.”

There are roughly 6000 members involved in the dispute nationally, says Siptu, and strikes will take plase on a phased basis around the country in the coming weeks.

Staff from the following organisations will be striking today:

• Valentia Hospital, Co. Kerry
• St Joseph’s Care Home, Kilorglin, Co. Kerry
• Delta Care, Strawhill, Co. Carlow
• National Council of the Blind In Ireland
• Western Alzheimers
• St Mary’s Centre Nursing Home (Telford), Dublin
• CoAction, Bantry, Co. Cork
• South West Doctors-On-Call, Co. Kerry
• Dublin West Home Care Services
• Terenure Home Care Services
• Crumlin Home Care Services
• Camphill Communities, Co. Wexford
• Galway Rape Crisis Centre

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