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Here’s everything Apple announced at their ‘Show Time’ event last night

by Erin Lindsay
26th Mar 2019

If you’ve seen ‘Apple’ trending everywhere for the past 12 hours, there’s a reason. The tech behemoth hosted an exclusive ‘Show Time’ event at the Steve Jobs Theatre in California yesterday, which launched a huge range of new products, projects and services.

Apple is now spreading its wings way outside of technology. Expect to see them cropping up everywhere from finance to streaming from now on. Don’t know where to begin? Here are the highlights of the announcements.

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Apple Card

With the success so far of Apple Pay (the iPhone and Apple Watch app that lets you make purchases cashlessly and without a physical card), Apple has expanded to produce their own credit card.

It’ll exist as both a virtual and physical card (made of titanium). The physical card will have no number, CVV, expiration date or name printed on it — if the merchant needs that information, you pull it up on your Wallet app on your phone. The Card will have no late payment or annual fees, and its security measures mean that it will be harder to steal. It will be available this summer.

Apple News+

If you already use Apple News, it’s about to get bigger and better. News+, for $10 a month, will allow you to access past and current issues of over 300 magazine titles, including Vogue, GQ, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine and more. Unfortunately though, the News app is currently only available in the US, UK and Australia, so it’s unclear if Irish users will be able to access News+.

Apple TV+

This is where celebrities come in. Apple announced yesterday its plans to launch its very own streaming service (like Netflix or Hulu), with a massive amount of new, original content. Just some of the new shows set to launch on TV+ include:

  • Amazing Stories — Steven Spielberg is reviving his 1980’s anthology series exclusively for the platform.
  • The Morning Show — a sitcom about the trials and tribulations of running a morning news program, starring Reece Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell.
  • Oprah will produce a live production of her massively popular Book Club; a multi-part series on mental health; and a documentary exploring sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • A Sesame Street spin-off

TV+ will also allow you to subscribe to and add on other streaming services, like HBO and Showtime.

Apple Arcade

And finally, a gaming service. Apple Arcade will be an ad-free gaming service with over 100+ new titles, from companies such as Disney and LEGO, with all games also available offline.

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