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Gwyneth Admits Brad Pitt Too Good For Her

by Jeanne Sutton
15th Jan 2015

howard stern and gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is on the press circuit this week, what with the release of her latest film Mortdecai, in which she stars opposite Johnny Depp. This means looking amazing at red carpet events – see the Golden Globes where she wore Michael Kors – and revealing interviews.

Gwyneth took to Howard Stern’s immensely popular radio show yesterday and didn’t hold back when it came to talking about her personal life – after all she did announce her marriage ending on her ecommerce site and lifestyle blog goop. In the course of the interview Gwyneth talked about her famous exes, and oral sex.

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Regarding her late nineties flame Ben Affleck, Gwyneth admits that this relationship wasn’t exactly the best for either party – it was reportedly very on/off. Ben ?wasn’t in a good place in his life to have a girlfriend? and rumours of a stripper habit have dogged the actor until his marriage to Jennifer Garner. As Gwyneth says, ?Well, that was true at the time. But he’s settled down and his wife is awesome.” In fact, the actresses are great friends no, “Not only is she beautiful but she’s so warm, she cooks, and she’s so into her kids and she’s great. She’s hilarious? I had a girls’ dinner and she came over. She’s my neighbor. I really like her a lot.?

Gwyneth reckons the reason she stayed with Ben so long – they dated over a period of three years – was because she was ‘more shallow? in her twenties.

She had sweeter things to say about Brad Pitt. Remember when those two dated and had the same highlighted hair? They were like an early noughties Posh and Becks as styled by Vogue. Too much beauty. Gwyneth reckons the reason her courtship with Pitt came to an end was because “he was too good for me!” Brad created quite the impression on her parents too. “My father loved him like a son,” she admitted and “was devastated when we broke up.”

And as for oral sex? Gwyneth told Howard Stern that powerful women can combat men’s insecurities and arguments by upping the frequency of blow jobs:

“You don’t have to always fight. Be a girl. Show him that he’s a man, and it’s a good thing energetically to do.”

This is a fact on which Gwyneth is becoming quite evangelical, having praised the sex act on Chelsea Handler’s show before.

In a bid to catch some more headlines she performed Broadway versions of well known rap songs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ? Anne Hathaway did something similar last year. ?Gwyneth acquitted herself well with Started From the Bottom, I Don’t F*ck With You and Anaconda.

A lot of Gwyneth press tends to focus on her diet, body and the fact she used a blog post and the term ?conscious uncoupling? to announce her divorce. The last few days remind us that she’s actually pretty damn talented and more human than bitchy tabloid headlines would let on.

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