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Festival Beauty Bag Essentials

by Jeanne Sutton
03rd Sep 2015

Girl Make-up

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Electric Picnic bound this weekend and freaking out about your festival beauty survival kit? This is what you need to jam into your bag.

The Essentials

When it comes to deodorant, don’t be the girl with the aerosol can. In a tent situation, this is not sound. It is, in fact, obnoxious. We’re fans of Sure’s Maximum Protection line. The cream formula will moisturise your skin, and the product does work. We’ve survived too-close-commutes and gym classes wearing this, so a crowd in a field situation, we can handle.

Don’t forget to pack towels! Two if you have the space in your bag because reusing a damp towel is a first world form of misery. M&S are the queens of bath sheets that won’t scratch your skin and make you feel like you’re staying in a B and B that doesn’t actually want guests.

Other items you should double check you have bought – cotton wool for facial cleansing purposes, a toothbrush or two in case a friend forgets, toothpaste, make-up wipes for when you’re too tired to attempt a routine, a roll of toilet paper, hand sanitiser, shower gel, a razor, and pantyliners. One girl will forget her pill and need your help on Sunday. Be that good Samaritan.

Basically, we’re telling you to make some time for Penneys in your diary.


This is the part where we tell you not to try. Well, not to try too hard. Best advice on this front is to up your braid game. Youtube is your Mecca for advice on how to plait like a tween with too much time on her hands. For long-haired folk, this Allure video with hairstylist Matt Fugate will get you started. He recommends dirty hair is best for the fishtail, so second-day hair ideas anyone?

As regards product, you’re probably only going to be brave enough for one shower so make it count. We love the Lush shampoo bars – just make sure you nab one the containers when you’re at the till. They lather up immediately and leave your hair super duper clean – the lilac coloured Jumping Juniper ?flavour? is a personal favourite.

If you want to continue giving your tresses some TLC, pack a leave-in spray to keep your hair moisturised. We’re trialing the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Wonder Worker (rrp €27) at the moment, and it’s great. This multi-tasker is a styling spray and conditioning treatment that will help you detangle in the mornings. Spray it on towel dried hair and comb through – and spritz it again in the evenings for when you get your second wind. It’s also enriched with the fab smelling Moringa Oil, which the press materials tell us is ?an extract from the extraordinary flower which originates from a drought resistant tree native to the foothills of the Himalayas. Also known as ?natures miracle tree? or ?tree of life?.? That’s what your entire body will need Monday morning.


It is rare for a face to survive a weekend at a festival without some wear and tear. However, you can take some preventative measures to make sure Monday isn’t spent grimacing into a handheld mirror/phone.

We’d actually recommend forgoing foundation altogether. The application can be just a further messy thing you have to do, and your nails don’t need the further crust. Also, if you’re worried about how you’ll look in photos just use Instagram’s Valencia filter, and no one will know your blood runs grey. (Or you could throw some Cocoa Brown into your Penneys trolley to work that alive look.)

Sunscreen is a must – we love Bioderma’s Aquafluid SPF 50. It has a silky finish and an anti-shine texture. Their micellar water is also the perfect make-up remover and will help budge the most stubborn of eyeliner when you’re retiring at dawn. A thermal water spray is also a good idea to keep your face hydrated and clean – Uriage Eau?Thermale is great.


We have an aversion to all things ?festival?, if we’re baring our judgmental souls. Golden dots all along your jawline? No thanks, we’re opting out of society. Instead, we’re going to focus on the essentials and what we can fit in our bum bag.

For lips and cheeks, invest in a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. The creamy texture is perfect for blending into cheekbones, and you can build up your lip colour.

If you want to leave an adventurous trail with your kisses, the Lush bottled lipsticks are great. The pink and fuchsia tones will look great on all skin tones, and the matte colour has a good staying power.

As regards the rest of your face? The usual suspects of waterproof mascara – Ellie says to check out the Lancome Hypnose version and?Benefit’s Bad Gal -?and a palette will make up your basic purse. Check out a few eye shadow palettes here.