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Cook Like A Man

30th Nov 2013

Cook Like A Man

Cook Like A Man?is the cookbook created to complement the growing of a lustrous moustache in support of Movember. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that this is the reason many of our men are sporting some fine (and some not so fine) examples of facial hair this past month. And if you’ve been under a rock for this very reason – it’s safe to come out now – they’ll be shaving them off tomorrow!

So, what of the cookbook? It’s a fine cookbook, we’re very impressed with the recipes and with the array of hipster gentlemen behind it. Here’s one of our favourite dishes and one we might very well cook tonight…

Herb Crusted John Dory with a Curried Mussel Broth

Serves 6

6 John Dory fillets

Two shallots, sliced

A sprig of thyme

A bay leaf

Two glasses of dry white wine

500g of mussels

One medium onion, finely diced

One celery stalk, finely diced

One carrot, finely diced.

A pinch of saffron

A tablespoon of curry powder

450ml of fish stock

450ml of Noilly Prat

450ml of cream

150g of white bread

A handful of basil

A handful of parsley

The zest of a lemon

  • Break up your bread and pop it in to a blender with the parsley, basil, lemon zest, some salt and pepper and a glug of olive oil. Give it a good whack with the blender until it’s nice and fine. Put it to one side.
  • Next, scrub your mussels with a wire brush to get the gunk off. Use the back of a knife to remove any barnacles and remove the stringy whispy bit that’s technically known as the ‘beard’, but for this recipe we shall call it the Mo. Discard any mussels that don’t close when tapped or else you and your guests may be playing the porcelain tuba later.
  • Get a large, heavy based pan on a high heat and throw in a bit of olive oil, some sliced shallots and your sprig of thyme and bay. Fry until the shallots are softened. Turn up the heat to it’s highest and throw in your mussels along with a glass of white wine (and have one yourself). Put the lid on and give the pan a shake. Cook for 3 or 4 minutes or until the mussels have opened. Remove from the heat and take the mussel meat from the shells, discard the shells and any un-opened mussels and keep both the meat and the cooking liquor left in the bottom of the pan.
  • ?On a medium heat, throw some olive oil into a pan and throw in your diced carrot, celery, and onion. Season with salt and pepper and cook until nicely softened. Throw in the curry powder and the saffron and stir. Pour in your Noilly Prat and turn up the heat. Boil it until the liquid is reduced by half and then in with your fish stock and cooking juices from the mussels. Reduce it again by half and then stir in your cream and add your mussel meat. Put it to one side.
  • Fire up the heat under a large frying pan and get it smoking hot, add a touch of olive oil and then pop in your John Dory fillets, skin side down. Season with salt and pepper. Press down on the fillets to stop them curling up and cook for 2 or 3 minutes. Flip them over and cook for a minute on the flesh side. Pop them unto a grill tray, skin side down. Next pat your breadcrumb mix onto the flesh side of the fish – if it’s too crumbly add more olive oil.? Place it under a medium grill for a few minutes until the crust goes nicely golden, but watch it like a hawk or else it’ll burn.
  • To Serve, pour your mussel broth into a shallow bowl with the fish placed on top. Serve to your guests with a swagger and a twirl of your mo!

Photography by Steve Ryan