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Chris O’Dowd is Growing Tired of Fame

by Bill O'Sullivan
05th Dec 2014

chris o'dowd and wife

The darling of Irish comedy actors, Chris O’Dowd spoke candidly to the Irish Independent about the negatives of fame and his plans for parenthood ahead of the release of his latest feature film St. Vincent.

Since playing a starring role in the absolutely hilarious Bridesmaids in 2010, O’Dowd’s stature has sky-rocketed. While he admits that fame and everything that comes with it did excite him for a while, the novelty has quickly worn off.

“You know what, I’ve no interest in fame. Absolutely none.”

“Everybody has gone fame mad. If somebody said to me I didn’t have to be famous, I’d be delighted. But I love my job so much that it’s one of the consequences of it.” He didn’t stop there either. There’s one particular aspect of the cult of celebrity that really irks the Roscommon man. “The shriekers, I have no time for shriekers. It all feels so f*****g fake. ‘Yea, I tell jokes on television, f*****g relax.’

It wasn’t all negatives though, O’Dowd is extremely excited about the prospect of becoming a father and has been enjoying spending more time with his gorgeous wife, Dawn O’Porter. “We’re pretty good right now. Everything is coming in stages and we had a little building work done. We’re kind of nesting and getting ready and trying to enjoy the free time while we have it.

The former star of the IT Crowd continued to wax lyrical about his future as a father. “Dawn thinks I’m going to be strict when they’re teenagers but I’ll be a total p***y when they’re kids. And then she’ll be the other way around. So maybe, that could happen. It’s hard to know anything until it happens so right now, we’re enjoying all the time before.” To be honest, we really can’t picture him as being an authoritarian figure either. He’s just a bit too nice!

What do you make of Chris O’Dowd’s comments? Is the obsession with fame over the top?

St Vincent is in cinemas today.