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8 children’s beds that will have them looking forward to bedtime

by Lauren Heskin
13th Apr 2020

Having a hard time getting your little ones into bed? Here are some gorgeous (and stylish) children’s beds that will have everyone excited for bedtime.

Anyone who has children will tell you that sleep is the biggest issue for their family. Whether it’s a baby who is refusing to sleep the whole night through, a toddler struggling with separation anxiety or a cranky five-year-old who is blatantly refusing to go to bed, even though they’re nodding off on the sofa.

Convincing children that sleep is important (and something you value more and more as you get older) is no easy feat. However, a comfy bed and a nice bedroom is a great starting point. Here is our selection of children’s bed — for tiny tots to soon-to-be teenagers – that look extra inviting.

For the Smallies

When babies are at their littlest, it can be hard to stay too far away from them. The Hugg Bedside crib by Irish brand Bababou has one side left open so it can sit comfortably against your bed, or have a light cover on it to help your little one feel secure. It can then transform into a children’s desk when they get older.

The Bunny & Clyde Harrison crib is another great Irish option, made using low-VOC timber glues so you know your baby isn’t breathing in anything nasty, and a conversion kit can be bought to turn it into a child’s bed when they’re ready.

Hugg Bedside Crib, €319, Bababou   

Bunny & Clyde Harrison Crib, €2,050, Lamb

Making the Leap

Ready to move on? It’s also important to think about how your children will change and grow considering they’ll be in a crib for a relatively short time. Barn has a beautiful beechwood crib that can be converted into a junior bed with ease.

Evolutive Crib, €795, Barn

Woood Tipi bed, €439 Meubles

For the Roly Polies

Now too small for a crib but still not quite solid enough to be falling out of bed on occasion, there are a few beds out there that help keep them in bed and sleeping soundly.

A bedrail is a great idea if your little one is going to sleep fine but waking up in a panic and, in turn, coming in to wake you. They offer a sense of security and cocooning – and it also has the added benefit of making it difficult to get out of bed whenever they fancy a midnight wander.

Junior bed, €339, Woo Design

Minnen bed, €90, Ikea

Becoming a Young Adult

As your child gets older, they’ll need a proper space of their own, where they can relax and have friends over. You’ll also want to give them a place to do homework that isn’t scattering themselves across the kitchen table.

If you’re tight on space, a bunk bed is a great option to help create multi-functionality. This DFS bed has a double bed on the bottom, so your child can have sleepovers but still have a big bed to themselves when they’re ready.

Ultimate storage bed sleeper, €590, Argos

Teo bunk bed, €719, DFS

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