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Caroline’s Santa Letter

12th Dec 2014

christmas present

Dear Santa,

I hope this letter finds you, the elves and Rudolph, suitably rotund and jolly. What’ll it be by the fireplace this year then, some vegan cookies? Some Matcha Guinness? Some organic carrots for the reindeer? We’ve been all about the wellness in 2014, yourself included no doubt.

As you know, the time has come to assess the year that’s been and compile my Christmas wish-list. Have I been an awfully good girl? Oh yes, the very best; an angel. I’ve done all my chores. I’ve set the table countless times, I’ve washed the dishes, I’ve even battled with bin juice since leaving my parental nest and I’ve hardly moaned at all*.

*= This may not be true; I’ve moaned a lot. If, oh loyal fat one, you should find that I’m indeed deserving of some treats and my actions in 2014 warrant my place on the Nice List as opposed to the Naughty one, then below you’ll find what my heart most desires. If, however, you find that I’ve been as bold as brass and deserve nothing more than a miserable bag of coal, then for that I am sorry and I’ll just have to try harder next year. *cries into a pillow*

While a light blue 54 convertible and a platinum mine would be swell, I wouldn’t dare be so greedy. Instead I’ll be wishing for any of the following…

A gold necklace from MoMuse

The ultimate in jewellery trends this year, you simply can’t be without a selection of minimalist bijoux. The gold-filled trinkets (that won’t go green against your neck) at this Powerscourt gem are worthy of any wish-list and at a price point that ranges between 40 and 70 euro, I don’t imagine the elves will be forced out of business.

MoMuse, Powerscourt, Dublin 2, Prices Vary

Creme De La Mer Lip Balm

As a side effect to our somewhat schizophrenic weather, and months of endless central heating, my smackers have an awful lot of dryness with which to contend. Unfortunately, the lip balms you’ll find on the supermarket or pharmacy shelves just won’t do the trick. With a high concentration of petroleum, that simply creates a barrier on your lips without actually moisturising your lips, I’m in need of something more luxurious. With this creme de la creme of beauty brands’ offering, packed with nutrient-rich Miracle Broth, however, I can wave goodbye to chapped, agitated bee-stingers.

Creme De La Mer, The Loop, Dublin and Cork Airport, €50.95

A deadly pair of sneakers

I could lie and say I need these for ‘exercise’, but I know you’ll be watching, Santa. Another staple for 2014, at last, it’s fashionable to opt for comfortable footwear instead of toe crushing stilettos. I’ll take a size six, thank you kindly.

Buscemi 100mm gold-plated hi-top trainer €1,125 available instore at Harvey Nichols Dublin


An Ikea ottoman

The ideal addition to apartment living, an ottoman gives you the option of a seat without crowding out your limited space. Now that I’m a big girl, it’s the housey things that I’m really after.

Kivik Foot Stool, Ikea, €150

A yoga mat, block and strap

I’m all for a bit of DIY exercise but perfecting the crow pose on my hairy rug and stretching out my legs using the strap of my dressing gown just won’t cut it for a wannabe yogi. It’s time I practiced with the real deal.

Yoga Set,

An Instyler

The desire for luscious, lustrous locks is one that never fades. In 2014, beauty editors the length and breadth of the country were raving about the Instyler. Our beauty contributor Emma Henderson explains what makes it so special over yonder. With hair that has a mind of its own, recently cut into a runaway lob, such beauty tools are imminently required.

Instyler, €120



Santa, I know asking for world peace and all of that is a bit of a long shot, but above all other material goods, what I’m really hoping to unwrap this Christmas is my own strengthening sense of wellness. I’ll tell you more about this in my forthcoming New Year’s resolutions post, but for now, I’ll let you get back to the workshop.

Keep it real, Santa.




Main image from Pinterest