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Beauty Game Changers Take Three: Body

24th Jul 2015

In the third part of our bridal beauty game changers, we’re looking at how to shift stubborn cellulite and get you body super smooth and?in time for you wedding day. If you missed the first two instalments you can get Take One: Face here and Take Two: Hair here.


WHERE?Renew Clinic

WHAT?Icoone is a treatment that aids lymphatic drainage and increases circulation in the body, using suction and vibration to disrupt the fibril structure of your fat cells, destroying cellulite and promoting inch-loss. It is painless and non-invasive (obviously a major plus).

WHY?Six weeks before my wedding (more importantly my honeymoon), I had the fear of God at the thoughts of getting into a bikini. I am a fairly slim girl who watches my food and works out more than the average person. However, I suffer from very bad cellulite and have stubborn fat around my derriere and hips. No amount of exercise or cream has ever worked.

HOW?It’s a course of five to ten, 30/40 minute treatments, depending on how many areas you want treated. I obviously opted for my lower body. You wear a fetching, white, all-in-one suit and lie down, while the machine is moved over the problem area. It can be quite relaxing: however, after some time, the intensity does go up a notch. No Pain, no gain, ay ladies?

AFTER?Five treatments in and I could see some noticeable changes in my body. After the course was completed over three weeks, I had a significant results. There was very little dimpling on my skin: it felt smoother and I was more confident and bikini-ready than ever before. Surprisingly enough, my new hubby also noticed the difference and loved it! If it’s cellulite you want to treat you also get the benefit of inch loss and smoother skin, and vice versa. I lost, in total, over two inches from my hips, thighs and bum. Four weeks later some of the magic was disappearing (and dimples re-appearing), so a monthly treatment is recommended for maintenance.

CELEB FAN?Gwyneth Paltrow owes her lithe figure and taut features to more than a macrobiotic diet, she’s a reported fan of Icoone.

COST?A course of five 30-minute treatments sessions is €250


*This article first appeared in Volume 5 of BASH Magazine (now IMAGE Brides).