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5 Take Outs

by Bill O'Sullivan
15th Oct 2013

Winter is out in full force since last weekend, with blustery gusts and a bitter chill forcing us to turn on our heels and run straight home to the comfort of couch and house-mate. So here are a few take-out recommendations to keep you happy indoors?

Bombay Pantry This is some of the best Indian around Dublin, with everything tasting incredibly fresh and zingy, without a trace of that unhealthy heaviness that bad Indian can sometimes induce. It’s upmarket and a fraction pricier but well worth it, as it tastes as good as any Indian you could get if you went out. Clontarf, Clonskeagh, Glenageary, Rathmines etc.

Diep ?This is the house favourite. What I like about Thai food is that it’s already a fusion of East and West and far more manageable for my barbaric palate. My top two picks are the Aromatic Duck Spring rolls and the Tom Kha Gai lime scented chicken soup with rice. This last one in particular is incredibly fresh and light, and is a genuinely healthy stay-in option. Everything Diep produces is of excellent quality. It has a huge range, a menu that has just recently changed and easy-to-eat Thai food. Drumcondra, Ranelagh.

Peppe’s Pizza This is for inner-city Northside folk in search of thin pizza. Peppe’s on North Brunswick Street is a dingy little spot that has the peculiar foible of producing excellent pizza -thin-crusted, quick and very reasonably priced. Somehow this peculiar little Italian spot managed to get its crust skills absolutely bang-on. Nothing doughy here. Smithfield, Stoneybatter.

Michie Sushi Sushi is one of those things that always feels strange to order for take-out or delivery – maybe because most of the food comes served cold, maybe because it’s fish. Whatever the case, Michie Sushi defies any quibbles one might have about ordering sushi for delivery, as this is some of the best sushi available in Dublin, full-stop. The fish in the sushi is melt-in-the mouth fresh, along with being so beautifully presented that it makes you sad to have to eat it sometimes. Dun Laoghaire, Ranelagh.

Saba Of course. It’s a staple of Dublin stay-indoors food since folks familiarised themselves with its restaurant headquarters on Clarendon Street. All of their dishes are bursting with flavour and their Vietnamese dishes hold a special place in our hearts and tummies. Saba also always does spicy just right and one is never in danger of being presented with something impossibly hot. The Phuket egg noodles with roasted duck ranks high on our list, and is a suitably adventurous choice as it’s quite quite spicy but nicely counterbalanced by the basil in the sauce. Rathgar.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna