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10 IMAGE readers tried the innocent dairy free range and this is what they said

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05th Apr 2019
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Trying out something new, whether it be a hobby or a new food or drink, can be a difficult task. However, one thing that helps is getting some information from others.

This is why we asked 10 people to try out the new dairy-free range from innocent and we have to say; the reviews were nothing short of brilliant. And this means you can say goodbye to any feelings of apprehension before you buy.

The innocent dairy free range is available in four flavours; almond, oat, hazelnut and coconut. Each is made from three ingredients only, free from additives and low in saturated fat. And because it’s plant-based, it’s naturally cholesterol and lactose-free.

But don’t just listen to us, take a look at some of the reviews below.

“I woke up Monday morning to no milk in the fridge – argh!! Luckily I had picked up some innocent Almond over the weekend which is a dairy free alternative to milk. My speedy breakfast option was saved by innocent!”— Stephanie 

“My favourite was the oat flavour. I liked the subtly oaty taste in my cereal. My children also liked it. The fact it has no additives is a key factor for me, especially when giving it to my children.” — Cathy 

“The fact that innocent hazelnut and almond are a source of vitamin E, which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress would definitely be an influencing factor. It is important to me that innocent oat is low in saturated fat, reducing consumption of saturated fat helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, often healthy foods/drinks are high in saturated fats which can be challenging.” — Liz 

“I will most definitely be using the oat milk again and would have no hesitations in recommending to friends or family.” — Jenny 

“From the innocent dairy free range, I have to say the hazelnut flavour was the winner in our house, it was great for a touch of sweetness. I used the milk with my coffee. I noticed a difference but I really liked it. For the kids, I used the almond flavour in my kid’s porridge with some banana pieces, and they loved it — was such a hit!” — Kate 

“The fact that these products only have three to four ingredients really grabbed my attention, and I felt comfortable to drink these as standalone drinks.” — Nia  

“I try to use dairy free products as much as I can, so I would often use almond and oat milk. From the innocent dairy free range, I particularly liked the oat flavour – the texture was really lovely in my tea.” — Dominique 

I was delighted to see that there are only three to four ingredients in each of the drinks and it has no additives, it is really important to me as fewer ingredients always feel a lot more natural and healthy. My cholesterol can often fluctuate, so I was delighted when I saw the oat milk is low in saturated fat.” — Dena 

“I really like the almond and oat milk, but I was so pleasantly surprised by the hazelnut milk also, it was delicious mixed with my porridge in the morning.”— Edaein

“I used both the almond and oat milk in my overnight oats, and they were both delicious. I will most definitely be purchasing again and have recommended to my mam and work colleagues.” — Erin

As a result of these amazing reviews, the innocent dairy-free range has most deservedly earned the ‘As love by IMAGE users’ badge.


The innocent dairy-free range is no fuss. Made with 3 simple ingredients without any stabilisers, gums or funny business. Perfect as a drink, with breakfast, in your tea or coffee–you soon won’t be able to go without it. 

innocent products help you feel good while tasting pretty good too.

To find out more about the innocent dairy-free range and all of their other products, visit

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