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Upgrade Your Skincare With BOOTS No 7

A?change in season is the best possible time to rethink your skincare routine. If?like us, you’ve been working too hard, stressing too much, compounding the above with too little sleep, and overcompensating with too much wine or a poor diet, it is time to make a change. Fortunately, the solution is closer than you think, thanks to No7. Catering not necessarily for the age you are, but the life stage you are at, No7 created three different regimes that are easy to follow, ensuring that whatever your skin needs, you’ll be able to identify the products that will make a real difference to your complexion. This means that ageing doesn’t have to be accompanied by dread. Once armed with the right skincare regime, you can embrace the process with confidence, positivity, and a whole new outlook.

Louise Stokes / Owner and jewellery designer,

LIFESTYLE:?In addition to 37-year-old Louise’s busy career, she is also a wife and mother to two young children. ?I worked in New York for five years, and during that time my skin got a battering because I was obsessed with being tan. Nowadays, I travel a lot to both Paris and New York, buying for the store. I don’t really have a ?normal? day, and it tends to be seven days a week. I am usually in the store three or four days, but I’m ?on? seven days because of social media. We’re a niche brand and it’s an extremely competitive We’re a niche brand and it’s an extremely competitive industry, but I do take time out. I’m passionate about healthy eating, but you can’t do it all, so I love Marks & Spencer.?

SKIN CONCERNS: Louise manages a busy lifestyle, so it’s about keeping it simple while also being consistent. She regrets the years before she discovered the benefits of SPF and wishes she could turn back time. Her skin is a little dry, and given her busy lifestyle, she’s looking for a simple solution that doesn’t involve too many products.

No7 SYSTEM RECOMMENDED:?The Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced regime, which consists of a serum followed by night or day cream and an eye cream.

RESULTS: ?What I really love is how easy it is to use, so it becomes part of your morning and evening routine, even if you are busy. I love the eye cream, but especially the serum, as I usually find serums too oily for my skin, and this one feels really luxurious and nourishing.?

Sinead Ryan / Freelance journalist and broadcaster

LIFESTYLE: Sinead, 50, works from home most of the time. ?Being self-employed allows you freedom, which is great – I wouldn’t have it any other way,? says the mother of two. ?I’m good with stress, actually. I love deadlines. I’m terrible at getting a long deadline and being told, ?we don’t need something until the end of the month.? Some of my best work was written jammed up against a deadline.? Sinead writes four columns a week for daily newspapers, in addition to any broadcasting work that might crop up, but impressive organisational skills, honed over the last 15 years, help her to keep all the balls in the air. As her children are in college, she’s started taking some time out for herself and does Pilates twice a week and loves walking, hiking and occasional visits to the gym. In addition to Sinead’s busy lifestyle, she’s also involved in amateur dramatics and notices that after a show, her skin can suffer. ?When you’re on stage, you’re all over the place, and you’re not eating properly.?

SKIN CONCERNS: Sinead suffers from dry skin. ?I don’t drink enough water, but even when I do, my skin is still incredibly dry. I find the No7 serum makes it very smooth, and it’s not sticky, which I hate.? She’s tried other creams, even expensive ones, but none have measured up. Getting older, Sinead has noticed her skin struggles to repair itself as well as it used to, and she’s noticed more fine lines appearing. She is religious about cleansing and indulges in facials when her budget allows.

No7 SYSTEM RECOMMENDED:?Lift & Luminate Triple Action.

RESULTS: ?I can feel a tightening on the skin. I’m not quite sure if this is good or bad, but I hope it means it’s lifting everything! The eye serum is particularly lovely. I’ve never used one before, and I’m converted.?

Elizabeth Whelan / Life coach, health coach and owner of Zestivo

LIFESTYLE: When Elizabeth was 18, a bout of candida set her on a path to finding out about how to best nourish both body and mind. The mother-of-one spent much of her professional career in beauty therapy, training and working with several top beauty brands. Elizabeth believes that if you know your body well enough, you know what suits, and what doesn’t. It’s the same with your skin. If you’re suffering from IBS, you’re going to be irritated on the outside too. She believes it’s about finding the tools that will make you be the best you can be. ?There are three different kinds of ageing: chronological, biological and psychological. The first 18 seconds when you wake up is the best time to send positive messages to your body and your mind, so I tell myself every morning, I’m young, youthful and beautiful.?

SKIN CONCERNS: After years of experience in the beauty industry, Elizabeth’s expert training has paid off in terms of the condition of her skin and the care she has taken of her health in general. However, her biggest areas of concern are firmness and pigmentation.

No7 SYSTEM RECOMMENDED:?Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi-Action.

RESULTS: ?I am really loving using these products. I studied the research and was very impressed with the ingredients and research [behind the products], so I had great expectations and a lot of anticipation. I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. My skin feels firm, looks healthier and is exceptionally radiant. The daily ritual is becoming a pleasurable routine. I am a great believer in following the three Rs – Routine and Ritual to achieve great Results!?