Zanna Roberts Rassi's guide to summer beauty with Milk Makeup

In the July/August issue of IMAGE Magazine, Zanna Roberts Rassi, ex-fashion and beauty editor turned E! News Style Correspondent and co-founder of cult beauty brand Milk Makeup talks Holly O'Neill through the challenges of setting up a beauty brand. Here, she gives her guide to the perfect summer beauty look using key Milk products. 

"First, dot Flex Concealer, €27, all over the face. Use Baked Bronzer, or Blaze, €23, if you have a darker skin tone,  on the cheekbones, down the side of the nose and all around the outer edge of your face and blend for an instant tan. 


Milk Makeup Flex Concealer, €27

Our new little Glow Oil Lip and Cheek, €13.50, I pop that on top as it’s sheer, like a little stain. It contains rice bran which gives it this delicious finish, and it's super good for you.

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Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip and Cheeks, €13.50

Next use Sunshine Oil, €36.50. Dab that on cheekbones and under the eyebrows for dewiness.  Sunshine Oil is seven essential oils mixed in one happy sunshine bottle. The packaging came from the idea of a medical dispensary. It's a glass rollerball so you get that cooling effect. This is the best all-rounder product. You can use it to take make-up off, you can use it on the skin as a moisturizer overnight. I use it on planes because you don't want to be spritzing on planes, when you start using spritzes it’s really dehydrating your skin so you should always use oil. You can use it on cuticles or split ends. I use it on my kid's faces if they break out in a rash. This was definitely one of our original signature products, it has so many elements of our DNA. It's clean. It's transparent. It's very utilitarian. You can use it on the go. It's completely natural. And that kind of sums us up in one product.


Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil, €36.50

Finally, Kush Waterproof Mascara, €23. For summer heat, this is a no brainer."

See all the products in the gallery above. Milk Makeup is available at

Photography by Milk Makeup.


Read about Zanna's life in beauty in the July/August issue of IMAGE Magazine, on sale now. 

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