Woman Hilariously Calls Out Weight Loss Ad For Sexism

We all shout at the television on occasion. The moving picture interspersed with commercials elicits a lot of emotions. Sometimes a vocal ?ARE YOU FOR REAL?? gets out there, affecting no one whatsoever, except the tranquility of our neighbours. Sometimes the cry for justice goes viral.

Emily Fitzgerald was sitting at home recently in Kansas when she decided to record her rant during a advertisement for a weight loss progamme. Slim4Life's commercial depicted four participants who completed the transformation - Scott, Darren, Caitlyn and Susan - but only the guys got sub-headings describing their profession. The men were a police officer and a veteran. The women losing-pounds enigmas, all we know of them is their name and weight. Not cool.

Watch Emily's rant here:



#slim4life needs to check themselves...

Posted by Emily Fitzgerald on Monday, 29 February 2016

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