I tried €348 worth of mascara and here are the ones that came out on top

Whether you're looking for volume, curl, length, a false lash effect or all of the above, there'll be a one to meet your needs and not cost the absolute earth...

Just like last time, with setting powders, I have tried more mascaras than I care to admit. Many I've bought, hoping for a miracle. Many I've been sent, having been promised a miracle. SPOILER ALERT: Very few produced actual miracles.

I've decided to separate them into categories, because I don't think it's fair to lump all mascaras under the one umbrella, especially considering someone with mega-dense lashes probably won't be looking for the same things as Gappy-lash Gabby over here (me). But if like me, you need a bit of help in every lash area, there'll be something for you too.

Best for lenght

L'Oréal Double Extension, €16.99


When it comes to length, adding on some fibres really helps,  as does a lash primer. L'Oréal's Double Extension is an oldie, but a goodie. It really delivers as an all-rounder, but on length in particular. And for less than €17 I'm happy to buy it regularly.

Highly commended for length


This one is great for precise application, and serves up a healthy amount off all categories; curl, volume and length; but excels when it comes to making your lashes look extra long.



Best for volume 

Chanel Le Volume Révolution De Chanel Mascara, €34

They 3D-printed this brush, guys. Already I'm enamoured. But truthfully, Chanel's Le Volume Révolution has a super forumla, the brush takes up product well and distributes it evenly, and the result is lots and lots (and lots) of volume. It looks like you've twice the amount of lashes.

Highly commended for volume

Urban Decay Perversion, €23.50

You'll know from an earlier post of mine that I have an undying love for this one. I had to measure it equally among all the rest and leave my love aside, but it still came up trumps. Does it bother anyone else using the phrase "came up trumps" anymore? Just me?


Best for separation, corners and lower lashline 

Glossier Lash Slick, €16

The wand and formula here both lend themselves well to separating and detailing lashes. Inner corners aren't a hassle, and the lower lash line is easy to fan out with this one. It's also a great daytime mascara when you're not going for much lash drama.

Highly commended for separation, corners and lower lashline

Benefit They're Real,  €27

The wand on this one has a little ball at the end for tackling those tricky, harder-to-reach lashes. It's not too shabby on volume and curl either to be fair, but is a bit of a nightmare to take off unless you have a high power eye makeup remover to hand.


Best for curl 

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara, €24.50

There's a bendy wand on this one, so gravity (?) is on side when applying the long-lasting formula to lashes. It doesn't flake, you can wear it if you use contact lenses AND it's really pleasantly easy to remove, too.

Highly commended for curl

Tweezerman Great Grip Eyelash Curler, €19.99

Come on, like. I know I'm meant to be recommending mascaras here but the best thing to curl your lashes? Truth? A blooming lash curler. Shu Uemura's Devil Wears Prada shoutout should make it my pick, but Shu is tricky to get in Ireland. So the Tweezerman one, available in Boots, takes the spot.


Overall best mascars (over €25)

Yves Saint Laurent Effet Faux Cils, €32.50

It delivers length, curl, volume, separation, bottom lash efficiency and comes in a stunning gold bottle. You literally couldn't ask for much more. Don't cry those happy tears, though - it's not for emotional moments.

Overall best mascara (under €25)

Too Faced Better Than Sex, €23

While I take some issue with the name, there's no denying the appeal of this Too Faced offering. It's got an hourglass shaped brush that hugs the lashes, a silky formula that shows off what you've got naturally and adds a bit more, and it has supreme staying power.


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