Tried & Tested: Four Porefect Pore-Minimizing Products

Large pores? We tried out pore-minimizing heroes for you.?Here's how we got on.?

If you're prone to large pores, you're probably well accustomed to pore minimizing make-up - also unofficially known as Pollyfilla for your face. If that doesn't appeal to you, you can more than likely count yourself among the blessed who are lucky enough to not have very enlarged pores. That may sound like we're recommending you dry a layer of concrete over your face, but we found the pore-formance (ayy) of these products below to be overall, very lightweight.?For minimizing the appearance of your pores, we've put together a list of four products designed to target your pore problem areas and leave you with the pore-fect (I'm done now) look.

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One: Maybelline's Master Fix Powder, €12.30

Setting powders are a cult product among the oily skinned, and Maybelline's Master Fix Powder?provides a lightweight feel, with a shine-control that will instantly mattify your complexion. It has an invisible finish and smoothes and blurs your pores. It helps set and perfect your look so when you've applied the rest of your make-up, just stick it in your purse for on the go shine-control and pore-smoothing. It costs a very reasonable €12.30.

Two: The POREfessional Prime, €34

Primers blur enlarged pores, smooth bumpy skin, disguise redness and help smooth fine lines. The POREfessional Prime minimizes pores and leaves a smooth, even surface for make-up application. Dab it gently on your face - this is a pore balm so when it's rubbed, it becomes cakey and messy - a little stroke or dab on problem areas is more than enough, and?it feels silky and lightweight.

Three: Benefit's New POREfessional Makeup, €34


This new and ultra-light weight make-up, also from Benefit is available now in five shades and contains a mushroom extract (!) that has properties that can minimize the appearance of pores. While it felt completely weightless on, the formula is very matte. If you like a dewy look on your skin, this won't be for you. ?However, if you have enlarged pores you probably have oily or acne prone skin and the glowing look is everything you don't need. Your shine is completely controlled, and comes with a promise??to stay effective for up to 8 hours.

The formula is ultra-thin so it gave an incredibly light coverage - it won't cover rosacea or acne spots. While it definitely smooths pores and reduces their appearance, you'll need to apply your normal foundation for coverage. If you don't need a lot of coverage, it works perfectly on bare skin. Don't go applying concealer on problem areas, the POREfessional makeup will conceal light imperfections, but concealer will only help with colour and won't fix the texture of large pores.

The makeup comes with a custom pore-blurring sponge, that helps for smooth blending, targeted application and helps pore blurring ?- just apply a few drops to your sponge and you can pat onto problem areas or use all over the face.

Four: Kiehl's?Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate, €56

It's important to note that, while beauty products may be an effective way of minimizing pores, they are?a temporary solution. They won't?actually minimize your pores, they minimize the appearance of your pores. You won't be able to completely vanish large pores, but you should have some luck minimizing them?by using a clay mask, which?pull oil and water out of your pores. Large pores and excess oil are best friends, so try products made with retinol and glycolic acid. Don't over exfoliate, that will do the opposite to what you want to achieve. Bear in mind that ageing will make your skin loose elastin and collagen and begin to sag, so try a product that will firm your pore walls, like?Kiehl's Precision Lifting and Pore Tightening Concentrate. This will tighten and reduce pores, lines and wrinkles.


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