Tricks Top Make-Up Artists Rely On

A talented make-up artist can transform a person from grim to glam with a few strokes of their magic brush. Our Business of Beauty Best Make-up Artist nominees share their tricks of the trade, the trends to love, and those to forget?

Should someone spend their money on expensive brushes and cheap products, or cheap products and expensive brushes?

?Expensive products, cheap brushes. The thing is, I love using my fingers to blend (with clean hands, obviously) - the heat of your finger tips warms up a product and helps it blend with much more ease into skin, especially with cream formulas. Plus, at least you can't lose your fingers at the bottom of your bag.? Mark Rogers, Benefit

?Expensive brushes, rather than cheap products. I always say, ?If I worked in B&Q and sold you poly filler for your walls, you wouldn't use your hands to apply it, would you?? You need the right tools to apply correctly.? Amy Browne, Sugar Cubed


What is the most unflattering beauty trend at the moment?

?When people are trying to emulate the Kim Kardashian contouring look, but it's just not working for them. When women wear too dark a foundation with white powder under their eyes, I just want to go up and tell them, ?Please blend - blend is your friend!!?? Joanne Peden, MAC

?The no-make-up, make-up trend - I just don't get the point of it. It takes so much time and effort and just leaves people looking tired and gaunt, rather than neat, groomed and glam.? Ken Boylan, Zeba

What's the one beauty product you can't live without?

?A blot powder, as I have really oily skin (probably because I live on pizza!).? Joanne Peden, MAC

?My skin gets very dry, so I make sure my foundation is water-based. This goes the same with most of my products - it's important to know your skin.? Donna Morris, Make Up For Ever


What random tools would we find in your make-up bag?

?I never go anywhere or do anything without Q-tips. They're literally in every nook and cranny of my bag, wherever I go. Vaseline too - it's such a desert island product for me. It can be used on brows, collars bones, as a highlighter - the uses are endless. I also always carry a mini fan with me, especially on shoots. It probably just looks like I'm being nice, looking after the models, but really in the back of my head, I'm screaming, ?Please don't let my make-up get ruined!!? Mark Rogers, Benefit

?Haemorrhoid cream. I'm not joking. I was doing this lady's make-up a few years back - heavy smoker, really weather beaten skin - and she told me to apply it on her before I began. I was amazed. It's like Botox in a bottle - pulls everything right back! Also, Sellotape under eyes to get a really clean line with eye shadow.? Amy Browne, Sugar Cubed


Biggest make-up trend of the year?

?Definitely for spring/summer 2015, it's all about back to basics. Nude palettes with slight metallic finishes on the eyes and skin, while introducing minimal washes of pastel colours on the lid. It's about keeping the lash line clean and putting the eyeliner to the side, and relying on fuller mascara application.? Dearbhla Keenan, Brown Sugar


?I can see glossy and luminous skin being big again this summer, teamed with winged eyeliner. There are so many fabulous highlighters out at the moment. Whether it's in powder form or liquid, they add such a beautiful finish to any skin type. The same applies to eyeliner. It comes in many different textures - powder, gel, cake, liquid, colour - the possibilities are endless.? Donna Morris, Make Up For Ever

?Women are now coming in and requesting strong colours for their lips, whereas a few years ago, when you would suggest to put a vibrant colour on the lip, they would be having none of it. I think it's empowering, and I love that women are feeling they can do that now. I'm also loving the bright and pastel pinks coming into spring/summer.? Ken Boylan, Zeba

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