Do You Struggle To Remove Stubborn Tan? You Need To Try This Wonder Product

Do you religiously tan on Thursdays for the weekend ahead? If you do, you'll know of the struggle of removing tan, and the struggle is real. Trying to shift old, unwanted tan to make room for a new layer of skin to repaint with fresh tan can be a lengthy process. Hard, panicked exfoliation ending up in patchy tan, rubbing your skin with a dry towel ending up in raw skin - and as you become hysterical, you turn to Google and come up with answers like "try toothpaste, or baking soda." This week, tragic tan has been particularly hard to hide in the glare of real, actual sunshine.

Fret no more, tan lovers, because we have found the wonder product that you have been searching for.

Exposed Tan Eraser is a leave-on gel that eliminates tan build up. It's the perfect product if you're a frequent tanner. The product has japanese kiwi seeds that cling to the old tan and'removes the tan from problematic areas, and it takes - wait for it - 15 minutes. No really, just 15 minutes - and it works on all self tan solutions.

exposed tan eraser

The directions say that for optimum results, apply Exposed Tan Eraser to damp skin, leave it on for 10 minutes and once activated, remove it with normal water. Although the product says to apply to damp skin, we found it worked better on dry skin, and where it says to leave it on for just 10 minutes, we found we got the best results after 15 minutes. Exposed Tan Eraser is also infused with Shea Butter, so after removing your tan, your skin is left feeling smooth and moisturized.


You're god damn welcome.

Exposed Professional Sunless Tanning is sold in Ireland exclusively by Creative Academy?in Fashion City in Ballymount. You can buy Exposed Tan Eraser at

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