This iconic skincare brand is like a Frenchwoman in a bottle

French women are often considered the most beautiful women in the world. Their beauty routine is steeped in years of dermatology research, so they tend to know exactly what they want. French beauty is faff-free and focuses on improving the natural condition of the skin. Rather than covering blemishes with concealer, the French repair the problem at the source with targeted, active ingredients.

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So important is healthy skin in their lives, French women rely on one particular dermatology brand who shares their values. Over the past 40 years, Biologique Recherche has created targeted, personalised treatments for its clients. "Our skin changes numerous times in a single day, as well as during the course of our lifetimes," they say. In order to maintain optimal skin health throughout these changes, Biologique Recherche tailors its products to you. Lucky for us, the iconic brand has come across the sea to let Irish women achieve the same results. Hello, healthy skin.

Naturally beautiful

In France, the natural makeup-free look reigns supreme. French women's skin is so clear and radiant that they don't need a face full of foundation; a dash of lipstick and a flick of mascara will do. But how do they achieve such a flawless look?


Biologique Recherche products contain high concentrations of active ingredients; all of which have specific skin health benefits. Some active ingredients improve hydration, others target acne-prone skin or ageing skin. If you feel like there's too much information to take in, fear not. You will only be prescribed the products that suit you. A Biologique Recherche expert will guide you through them; teaching you how to use each product and explaining why they will help.

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Lotion P50

The reason for this personalised care is simple: the same epidermis can present both balanced and dehydrated areas, as well as oiliness. Incorrect treatment can easily lead to new imbalances; so Biologique Recherche experts ensure you only buy what you actually need.

French skincare beyond our faces

Our skin is our body's largest organ; it doesn't stop at our chin. As such, Biologique Recherche wants to improve your natural skin health all over. They have developed an individualized approach to the body because it has less sebaceous glands than our face. It's more prone to dehydration and it can lose its firmness during weight fluctuations.

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“Our skin is often neglected, hidden under clothes and generally lacking in regular care,” they say, “Yet it has very specific needs. As we age, the cells are less cohesive and the natural exfoliation process and cellular regeneration slow down.” This means the quality of our epidermis is reduced. Biologique Recherche's body care treatments combine products and procedures to detoxify, re-shape and tone the body. “They help restore a balanced silhouette, smooth skin, light legs and toned buttocks.”

What's more, the trusted French brand offers restorative hair treatments too. "Not only is the hair subjected to environmental irritants daily, it is also damaged by the abrasive agents in shampoos, hair dyes, as well as heat from hairdryers and straighteners." Biologique Recherche has applied its experience in skincare to the scalp; producing a cutting-edge range of products to restore your hair to its full health. One example is this Shampooing Sébo-Rééquilibrant; a treatment rich in Zinc PCA and Burdock Extract, sebo-regulating and purifying active ingredients.

To book your Biologique Recherche consultation, call The Greenhouse Project in Dublin on (01) 214 0222, Skin by Olga in Donnybrook or visit or for more information. What's more, Biologique Recherche will be launching in The Merrion Hotel soon.

Photo by Saeed Mhmdi on Unsplash

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