Struggling with your skin health? This trusted French brand can help

No two people’s skin is the same. Some of us might have an oily T-zone, others have eczema, while the majority of us have a combination of problem areas. Though our skin might show similarities to others, it is unique and needs to be treated as such.

Biologique Recherche is a French skincare brand that tailors a regime for you. With almost 40 years’ dermatology experience, they know only targeted and personalised treatments can restore someone’s skin to its full, optimal health.

Experts at Biologique Recherche say the characterisation of skin as ‘normal’, ‘oily’, or ‘dry’ does not accurately describe the skin’s condition. “The same epidermis can present both balanced and dehydrated areas, as well as hyper-secretion of sebum simultaneously,” they explain. By inappropriately treating the whole face for one condition (or one 'skin instant'), new imbalances can occur. The Biologique Recherche treats each person’s skin according to its individual needs; while also factoring in climate, pollution, stress, hormones and age.

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How it works


The Biologique Recherche has a reputation for astounding effectiveness, based on its clinical approach to beauty. The company, which was founded by a biologist, doctor, and physiotherapist, is passionate about using pure, concentrated and raw ingredients; as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

The process is divided into three stages. The first is the Skin Instant Lab. During this stage, a skincare expert will carry out an assessment of your epidermis (the top layer of your skin) via a unique analysis software tool; then diagnosing and prescribing a goal-orientated treatment schedule.

Next, there’s the initialisation stage, whereby your epidermis is prepared for treatment. During this stage, the epidermis is thoroughly cleansed and its pH balanced by using the iconic product, Lotion P50W. It is also gently exfoliated and its proteo-lipidic film is restored. Impurities and dead cells are gradually brought to the surface and eliminated. After this stage, the skin is ready to receive the 'treatment stage' products.

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The treatment stage involves using products with high concentrations (approximately 20%) of active ingredients. Active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or lactic acid, target specific areas of concern (such as dryness or ageing) and actively work to repair them. Biologique Recherche says these ingredients re-condition the epidermis, enabling it to self-regenerate. What's more, the products contain no artificial fragrances, so there's no risk of allergic reactions.

Digital editor of, Dominique McMullan, has been using these authentic, specially-prescribed products for three months. “I can now tell you, in all honesty, that the results were amazing,” she says. “My foundation sits more evenly, and my moisturisers and serums sink in faster. If that wasn’t enough, my occasional hormonal breakouts have basically stopped and my redness is significantly reduced.”

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It's important to note that skin care doesn't end with the face; Biologique Recherche has carried out extensive research on body and hair care too. Their experts can recommend cutting-edge products to restore the skin on your body and scalp to its optimal health.

To book your Biologique Recherche consultation, call The Greenhouse Project in Dublin on (01) 214 0222, Skin by Olga in Donnybrook or visit or for more information. What's more, Biologique Recherche will be launching in The Merrion Hotel soon.

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