How to Rock Metallic Cream Eyeshadow

For a long time now, I have favoured a metallic eyeshadow over matte. I prefer the sheen it delivers, the light it attracts, and how their iridescence? seems to bring out the teeny flecks of colour in my eyes. They are also, the down-right easiest thing to master - honestly, it's nigh on impossible to mess up with these little beauts. ?Well, it is, if you smear it all over your entire eye up to the brow for example, but you'd never do that, right? (but actually, if you did, you'd look quite edgy and fashion forward, so go right ahead!)

The key to working with these little pots of pretty is to work fast using your fingers. Faffing about with brushes may well feather them out to the thinnest veil of tint possible, but you know, life is short, let's get a move on.



  1. Use your ring finger to pick up some of the shadow from the pot.
  2. Apply straight to the centre of the eyelid and blend (smear) it across the entire lid and up to the socket.
  3. Using some pressure, run over the edges of the colour, where it meets clean skin to be sure to fade out rather than stop with a line.
  4. Repeat the same thing with your pinkie finger, but apply under the lower lashes this time.
  5. Apply mascara.
  6. Go.

What you 'll notice is that it took mere moments to achieve a gorgeous, glowy eye. There's no need to mix in another shade as the nature of these metallics is that they look almost two-tone all by themselves.

The best I've found are by Charlotte Tilbury and Maybelline, both lines have fab colours, are applied easily and last the entire day or night. So there you go, pick your price point and get your shine on!

*please ignore any rubbish you've heard about metallic shadows making you look older. When they are a cream base, they don't. End of.

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