This is how Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness keeps his hair so shiny

The Fab's Five grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness has shared how he keeps his signature style so sleek and shiny. He spoke The Cut about Michelle Kwan's hair ("Crazy duper amazing hair"), the chemical reactions of emotions in our brains ("If giving yourself a fun new side part creates endorphins, then why not!") and his positivity ("it’s my spirit").

Jonathan Van Ness also divulged the secrets of his glistening hair.

First gem: "Not over-washing your hair gives it a nice shine. Washing your hair every day dulls it out."

Can you believe?

His second piece of advice is one everyone should take on board - "Silk pillowcases help keep it shiny."


If you haven't heard about silk pillowcases, find out more here.  Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture away from your skin and hair. Silk pillowcases will minimize sleep creases on your face and won't soak up your night cream, but an absorbing cotton one will. Silk will also help your hair maintain it's moisture and reduce hair breakage, and, big bonus, keeps your blowdry looking fresh for longer. Looking for somewhere to shop silk pillowcases? Check out the Irish brand, The Ethical Silk Company.

His next tip - "I also love this product Wonder Worker by Shu Uemura. I put it in and let it air dry."

Wonder Worker by Shu Uemura is hair primer that does a whole lot of work; hydrating the hair, detangling it, smoothing and conditioning, boosting it's radiance, taming the hair's frizz, making it silky and coating it's surface. If you're looking for another multi-tasking hair primer, let me introduce you to the miracle working Redken One United, €24, which boasts 25 benefits including protecting the hair against breakage, priming hair for styling and anti-frizz protection.

Redken One United,  €24

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And finally, if you thought you could cheat his glow with a shine spray; "I don’t use a lot of them. If you struggle with dull hair, try finishing it up with one from Aveda (Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss) or Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine. If you’re a dude, try more water-based pomade as opposed to matte — it’s more absorbent."


Strugs. To. Func.

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