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‘It was so emotional’: Why Queer Eye’s Tan France became a U.S. citizen yesterday

by Shayna Sappington
10th Jun 2020

The fashion designer appeared on The Tonight Show and explained why this was such an important decision for him

Queer Eye’s Tan France recently shared some big news on Instagram, announcing that after a 20 year struggle, he has officially become a U.S. citizen.

“A few minutes ago, I officially became an U.S. citizen!! For me, this is monumental,” he said. “It’s something I’ve been working towards for literally 20 years, which makes this all the more emotional.

“And now, I will exercise my constitutional right as an American. Today, I will register to vote, and vote for the change I wish to see in OUR nation.”

France was still gushing with excitement when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show yesterday evening with the rest of the Fab Five, sporting a patriotic U.S. flag jumper.

The fashion designer said that this has been something he has been working towards for a long time and, with the current political climate, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

“It feels kind of perfect that it happened right now. We need every vote. Every vote counts,” he explained.

“It took so long to get here, but the actual experience […] was lovely. It was such a beautiful, emotional experience.”

“It felt really powerful”

France revealed just how important this decision was for him. He feels so empowered by being able to vote and have his voice heard. 

“If anyone watches Queer Eye, you know that I’m not the cryer of the group, but I got so emotional. It felt really powerful to become an American today.”

He also touched on his previous fear of displacement, and how scary that is for non-U.S. citizens that have established a life for themselves in the U.S.

“I was thinking of all the times I’ve been sent home and the people I’ve missed. I was away from my husband for six years because I was sent home,” France said.

Now, he finally has a sense of security and can focus on being more of an activist at a time when America needs all voices to be heard.

“I can actually truly make some changes,” France said, “and I can encourage people to vote to change the state of this country.”

Feature image: @tanfrance/Instagram


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