Why You Need Cream Blusher

Cream Blusher. You need it, you just do. I'm pretty adamant about it. And I will gladly explain why...

But first, have a think about what?good healthy skin looks like. Yes, it looks glowy, slightly dewy, and there is a?gentle flush of colour in the apple of the cheeks. This is not what most of our skins look like all of the time. Personally speaking, I don't get enough sleep (and haven't for years - yo parenting!), I drink far too much caffeine and not enough water, can be a little too reliant on face wipes for cleansing, and I battle with (and lose to) my sugar addiction daily. What all this results in is a duller complexion than I would like. And it is certainly a lot duller than it used to be. Thank you, ageing. Thank you very much.

So, how to counteract this dreaded dullness I hear you cry? The key is cream blusher. I promise that if you made this one tweak to your beauty regime and swapped out powder blusher for its creamy cousin, you would much prefer it. Powder blusher, while not all bad obviously, is the enemy of glow. It can add great colour and shape and is the go-to for an oilier skin type, but if your skin is in the normal to dry/dehydrated zone (and that's a lot of us), you're gonna need to make friends with cream blusher.?The key things to note are shade, texture and position on the face. If any of these three elements are off you ain't glowing, girl!

178079 Stila Convertible Colour Cream Blush in Peony
  • The best shade is a peachy-pink tone as this suits almost all. Peach tones warm up the skin, and a pinky base looks fresh and pretty. Merge the two and you're all set. Stay away from anything red or brown based if rosacea and a murky dark cheek are not what you're going for.
  • The best texture is almost that of a lipstick (and you can use a lipstick too if you want), it should feel as though it will slide over the surface of the skin with ease - it feels too dry or mousse-like on the back of your hand, it's not going to work on your cheeks.
  • The position it needs to be applied to is the apple of the cheeks for a healthy, light flushed look. This is not a contouring?product and most definitely doesn't go below the cheekbone. Try this: smile, see the apples of the cheeks rise, and using your ring finger, pat a small amount on that area and gently blend the edges so there are no lines. A little goes a long way.

Some of the best cream blushes are by Stila; their shade entitled, Peony is the ultimate healthy, glowy cheek colour. MAC also excel in their blush category.

So, now you know. Go forth and?glow.


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