MAC's Novel Romance Collection is Swoonworthy

Includes sexy imagery and topless hero...

Fashion magazines and websites like ours may use words 'swoon? and ?lust worthy? with enthusiastic abandon, but when it comes to MAC Cosmetics newest collection, inspired by heady retro romance novels, we cannot find more perfect descriptors.

?A Novel Romance? forms part of the global make-up brand's Autumn collection and draws on the covers of bodice-rippers that regularly featured 1980s male model Fabio in various stages of shirtlessness. Refinery 29 debuted the photo shoot for the collection which keeps all the serious yearning expressions, and the near nudity, but ditches the permed heroines to deliver possibly the most fun campaignof the year. Forget Fifty Shades, with product names like ?Midnight Storm?, ?Good Kisser?, ?Yield to Love? and ?Reckless Desire? we're getting a little bit hot under our face and body. As regards the eyeshadow shade ?Sex & The Oyster?, we haven't yet decided how we feel. MAC describe the collection as ?teeming with deep, luscious shades that will have you overwhelmed with desire.? This means a lot of metallic and dark purple eyeshadow quad choices. Of course the blush gets all the best lines in the press release, ?irresistible forces collide and cheeks flush in a shimmering powder blush, as you the page towards a powerful climax?leaving you utterly breathless.?

Our personal favourite of the lot is this highland fling photo - very in what with the Scottish Independence referendum next month. Considering we're constantly looking for the perfect green shadows we think Brown Thomas will be seeing our wallets later this month when the collection is available in stores.


Here's a less Khal Drogo's New Career look at the products - will you be buying? Also, whoever wrote that press release needs to explore publishing a romance novel.

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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