How to Care for Ice Blonde Hair

Every season, there's a spectrum of blondes swishing down the runway, but the autumn/winter 2014 twist? Very cool, almost white blondes reigned supreme, which is good news for us fair-skinned Celts, and it's a hair hue that can look flattering no matter what your age, as so elegantly illustrated by model Catherine Loewe, 56, above, who walked for Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris. If you want to emulate winter's coolest look, don't even think about attempting this at home; this is skilled colourist territory, and may even take a few salon visits to gradually lighten up to an icy-looking, clean tone without destroying the hair. Thereafter, you'll need to look after it. Here's how...

Wash Infrequently. Every time your hair comes in contact with water, the cuticles open up and dye particles leak out. Use a dry shampoo to stretch out the time between washing. The classic white dry shampoo formulas, like Batiste Monochrome Dry Shampoo, €4.50, will work in your favour here.

Invest in a purple toner shampoo to keep yellow and brassy tones at bay. We love? Touch Of Silver Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo, €3, or for ongoing care, try Redken's new Blonde Idol range, which releases a violet colour-depositing formula that can be adjusted from high to low, depending on when you last coloured your hair. We like Redken Blonde Idol Custom- Tone Conditioner, €16.20.


When blow-drying, protect with a lightweight heat-protecting spray. K?rastase's latest breakthrough in the war on unruly tresses is K?rastase Fluidissime, €23.50, a pre-heat-styling spritz that seals cuticles to lock in colour. It gives extra body to fine hair and more control to thick hair; plus, it speeds up drying time.

Liz Dwyer, Beauty Editor?

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