Guy Brow

When we caught up with Lorna Farrelly aka The Brow Artist and some of her clients in the bar of 37 Dawson Street, the talk wasn't all about Caras and the hard slog of growing respectable arches after years of plucking to near oblivion. No, no- the theme of the day was the unkempt guybrow; every single male within range was mentally evaluated and found lacking in his grooming habits. No monobrows as such, but a lot of woolly mammoths. Turns out one fella grants his girlfriend ten strategic tweezes a week, another pulls the offensive strays out with his fingers as he watches Premier League. All would surely benefit from a discreet visit to Lorna, who already does a roaring (but highly confidential) trade in same. Who knew threading wasn't just for girls?



The Brow Artist, South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2. To book, [email protected]

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