Foundation Course

According to the dictionary, 'foundation' when not referring to building is,?"a type of make-up that is spread over the skin of the face, usually before other make-up is put on, giving it a better and more even colour and hiding unwanted marks".

That's the key- evening colour and hiding unwanted marks. It is not meant to be worn as a mask, sitting dry and flaky on the surface where your face used to be. The approach to foundation has changed but we've been a little slow to adapt here ie to get on board with the idea that skin should breathe and be seen and shine (sometimes literally) through. All the best make up artists pride?themselves on creating the perfect base or "painting" a face so that it looks flawless even while being breathable and, more importantly, touchable.

Still, it's the thing that Irish women get wrong the most and maybe it's not even our fault! We want to 'put a bit of colour' in our faces, just enough to match our fake-tanned necks. (But then we're only tanned from Thursday to Monday, by which point it's cracking at the seams and has already destroyed the bedsheets).

Let's all do ourselves a favour and embrace our inner snow white Goddesses. Add blusher rather than bronzer, take back our Wednesday 'tanning' nights, chuck out the sleeping bag, use mitts only when it's snowing, marvel at the wonder of matching ankles and thighs and above all, find a foundation that works. Do it and you'll even be able to wear your favourite white clothes more than once.

Because I love you I'm letting you in on a secret. Bobbi Brown (my favourite foundation lady) has an offer online where you can buy any foundations/concealer/powder etc and try them out at home. If they don't suit or match or generally make you go wild with excitement you can send them back, ZERO charge.


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