The Caroline Hirons announcement we've been waiting for

The queen of skincare advice Caroline Hirons has just announced her debut book, and we can't wait to get our hands on it...

When I'm contemplating a new skincare product, there is one thing I always do. First, I type the name of the product into Google. Then I type 'Caroline Hirons' beside it.

Usually, Hirons will have given it a straight-talking review and it's almost always her thoughts that decide if I'm buying or not buying. Her opinion is like gold-dust for anyone marketing a new product, as she is so trusted in the industry.

So when someone with this much sway over the beauty industry has an announcement? People were ready and excited. This morning Hirons announced it wouldn't be a skincare line (as the rumour mills were hoping) but that she would be launching her debut book in April 2020.


No-nonsense advice

Much like her already successful blog, we can expect the book to be a no-nonsense look at the skincare industry. Something Hirons is loved for is her no-frills way of talking about products. She is blunt, loud and a little bit gobby (in the best way) and always speaks her mind truthfully — something that is hard to come by in an industry where influencers are regularly paid to promote products.

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Her 'cheat sheets' have long been one of my favourite parts of her blog, with their straight-forward and informative approach to the most common skincare questions like; where to spend money in your routine, top tips for great skin and the often asked "how to use retinol/Vitamin A?" Anyone, from a teenager struggling with spots to the nerdiest skincare buffs, will find the knowledge they seek here.

Beauty bible


Caroline's book promises to be a beauty bible, answering all those questions in a simple way that's accessible, no matter your age or budget. As she says so eloquently herself the book is; "everything that you need to know, no BS, no faff, just what you need, what you don't need..."

It is now available for pre-order before it launches on April 30th 2020.

Header Image: @carolinehirons

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