Best Wax Therapist

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This delicate job requires patience, encouragement and distraction at just the right moment ... ouch! Thankfully, these ladies have those attributes in spades and make the altogether banal task a little more bearable. No double dipping here! Dublin-centric with a splash of Drogheda, here is our shortlist for Best Wax Therapist ?

Carol Lilburn, The Muse


Warm wax = warm heart. Carol's attention to detail and commitment to her work means you'll leave feeling lighter in body and mind. Superfluous hair is a drag. Her Muse makes you feel right at home. You'll never look back once you knock on number 48.

Aoife Harris, Waxperts



Just a stone's throw from IMAGE HQ, Waxperts is a dedicated waxing salon and Aoife is a dedicated therapist. Highly sought after and a true professional, she really is a waxpert.

Aislinn Molloy, Carter Beauty


This Carter babe is a smooth operator. When it comes to hair removal, Ashlinn is one of the best. Her extensive knowledge and friendly, unassuming manner means you'll still be waiting for the pain factor, not realising you're good to go, job done.

Harriet Clerkin, Urbana Drogheda



Unwanted hair be gone! Harriet waves her magic wand and just like that, your limbs are terrifically smooth and ready for tight-less times ahead. With a loyal following of happy customers, Harriet is Urbana Drogheda's very own wax fairy.

Jemma Ellison, Essentials


A jem (get it?!) of a find in the heart of Dublin's city centre, Essentials is a best kept secret. The lovely Jemma will have you fuzz-free in no time. Be warned: you'll feel so fabulous after an appointment, you'll want to show off those pins - A new wardrobe perhaps? The shops are only down the road.


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