Beauty Trend Alert: Goodbye Strobing, Hello Striping

Hot new beauty trend alert! Move over contouring, move over strobing, move over painting yourself like you're going to a kids' party dressed as a mouse (pre blending) or about to enter a war zone. For those who prefer a more natural, less angular, less bothersome technique, say hello to 'striping'.

Via the beauty wizards at Byrdie, they spoke to Monika Blunder of who explained the technique (don't worry, it won't take you three hours, and you won't give your nearest and dearest the fright of their lives if they walk in on you mid application). ?Striping is the new strobing. It is a new way of applying bronzer in a more authentic way that looks super natural, fresher, and cooler."

?It takes less than a minute'striping is a one-product wonder that gives your face natural definition by darkening from cheekbone to cheekbone in a straight line.?

In short, you're less after severe sculpting here, and more after achieving a subtle, sunkissed glow across the cheeks. Get the flush you want and the warmth you crave without the sun damage.


Step 1: Since the end goal is skin that looks sun kissed, start with a light base that provides coverage for imperfections, but doesn't mask freckles. Sheer is the operative word here, so if you need a little extra help, spot treat with a trusty concealer.

Follow Monika's step by step guide here?on

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