Could your hair issues be caused by an unbalanced scalp?

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Great hair starts at the root and ALFAPARF Milano, Ireland's go-to professional haircare brand, has the solution to balance your scalp.

"Your scalp is an extension of your face," a hairdresser once told me and I've never forgotten it. Can you imagine spraying dry shampoo onto your face and then not washing it for three days? Gross.

Just like your face, the scalp requires cleansing, nourishing, and protecting, to ensure a healthy foundation for fantastic hair.

The solution


Stress and external agents such as pollution can cause itching, redness, dandruff, hair loss and excessive or insufficient sebum production. SCALP is the new Semi Di Lino range launched by ALFAPARF Milano, Ireland’s number one professional haircare company.  It is designed to balance the scalp through probiotic and prebiotic active ingredients which keep the bacterial flora of the skin in balance and harmony. This leads to revitalised hair, starting from the root.

There are four SCALP ranges, depending on your needs: the Renew range for hair loss, the Rebalance Dandruff range, the Rebalance Oily range and a Relief range which helps soothe sensitive skin.

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The ingredients

Each range has a specially formulated combination of complexes, including the world's first Urban Defence Pro Complex which provides advanced protection against stress from pollutants. Shine Fix Complex created with linseed extract, gives 24 hours of shiny hair, and Colour Fix Complex helps maintain the longevity of your colour. Each range contains a Microbiotic System of probiotics and prebiotics keeping the skin barrier in balance, which restores the scalp and hair to their natural harmony.

The ranges



ALFAPARF Milano Renew Energizing Low Shampoo, €14.25

The Renew range for hair loss strengthens, redensifies and stimulates the scalp and hair fibre. There are three products in the range: the Energizing Low Shampoo, €14.25 and Energizing Lotion, €25,75, for weakened hair prone to hair loss, plus the Energizing Tonic, €14.90, to maintain the optimal state of the scalp.

ALFAPARF Milano Rebalance Dandruff Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, €19.75

The Rebalance Dandruff range, aimed at a dry or oily scalp prone to dandruff, works to rebalance, purify and prevent further dandruff. The scalp is left cleansed and free from dandruff, with a Pure-Set Complex to restore active ingredients to fight scalp peeling and the new Microbiotic System to rebalance the scalp. The Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, €19.75, exfoliates and purifies the scalp and the sulphate-free Purifying Low Shampoo, €14.25, gently cleanses to normalise the scalp and slows down the reappearance of dandruff. The Energizing Tonic, €14.90, refreshes, rebalances and maintains the optimal state of the scalp.




ALFAPARF Milano Relief Calming Micellar Low Shampoo, €14.25

The Relief range for sensitive skin soothes, comforts and hydrates, thanks to a Derma Comfort Complex developed from an Italian caper extract to regain scalp comfort and the new Microbiotic System which is a mix of probiotics and prebiotics for scalp balance. There are two products in the range: the soothing sulphate-free Calming Micellar Low Shampoo, €14.25, which gently cleanses and soothes and the Calming Tonic, €24.50, to relieve itching on sensitive scalps.




ALFAPARF Milano Energizing Tonic , €14.90

The Rebalance Oily range works to normalise the hair and scalp. Using a Sebonorm Complex, it targets the pores, and through the new Microbiotic System, which is a mix of probiotics and prebiotics, active ingredients are restored and oil is reduced. The range consists of two products: Balancing Low Shampoo – sulphate-free to cleanse scalps with excessive sebum – and Energizing Tonic, €14.90 – maintenance of the optimal state of the scalp.

Find the new ALFAPARF Milano SCALP range in appointed salons nationwide, or visit the website for more information.

Photography by ALFAPARF Milano. 

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