7 gorgeous hairstyles trending on Google right now 

Say goodbye to box dye; as salons ready to reopen, the hottest hairstyles have a more natural look

As salons set to reopen next week, many of us have been planning our post-lockdown haircut.

Without access to professional hair care, women everywhere have been embracing their natural hair colours, going back to their roots and looking fabulous doing it.

In fact, gray is one of the most trending hair colours on Google right now, along with cuts like lobs and fades and celeb inspired looks.


Here are the top seven trending hairstyles this month:

Celebrity inspo 

Demi Lovato

People have been googling Demi Lovato’s hairstyle and it’s easy to see why. She looks fab in her striking black lob. Whether she’s rocking tousled curls or a more straight and sleek look, it’s an easy style to change up without too much hassle.

Kit Harington


It’s no surprise that Kit Harington has been a popular search for hairstyles. His Jon Snow locks were iconic in Game of Thrones. The last time we saw him in public was at Paris fashion week earlier this year when he showed off a shorter cut. Now, recently spotted in London, he’s joined the quarantiners with an easy buzz cut.

Short haircuts

The lob


With hairdressers closed, people have grown sick of their long and tedious hair. Low maintenance lobs are currently trending. The most sought after style seems to be unprofessional, textured lobs that are easy to style in different ways.

Shoulder Length

The slightly longer shoulder length haircut is also in. We love this look with blonde lowlights; it's a great way to blend grown out roots with lighter hair colours. Mid-length hair with fringe has been popular too.

The fade


Many have been learning how to do a fade at home themselves. Although it’s mostly seen with men’s hairstyles, fades have become an increasingly popular unisex haircut. It gives a clean and edgy look to short hair, and it looks especially stylish with side swept, longer hair on top.

Hair colours




Embracing your natural beauty can be empowering. Gray hair colours are back and here are some glowing inspo pics to spark some ideas for your post-lockdown cut and colour.



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Copper & peach 🍑 ✨

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Auburn hair colours have also been massively searched for online. This diverse summer colour comes in various shades, but we love this lighter look right now.

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.


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