3 Of The Best Sweat-Proof Foundations

In this Irish weather - a delightful culmination of heat, rain and inevitable humidity - top on the list of things that your foundation should do is stay on your face.?Foundation is designed to give us a base; enhance our lovely skin and hide the evidence of the sleepless night before, but this is all pointless if it doesn't stick. Summer (and hopefully, the impending heatwave) makes this tricky, one day of warm weather can equal face melting of dire proportions - not the look you were aiming for when you left the house that morning, surely. And don't even mention the rain (or our hair); how we loathe it. Fortunately, the makeup gods have our backs in the form of three fantastic foundations that won't budge, ensuring you'll look fresh-faced, come hell or high water.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, €38


This one has earned a cult-like status among the masses for an excellent reason. This is heavy-duty, so it means a fuller coverage, but it doesn't budge from the skin. Come rain or shine, in place; it will stay. It is nicely moisturising, and you only need a few drops to cover the entire face. Just as well, as this one (annoyingly) doesn't come with a pump, but a tip: the pump that comes with any MAC foundation will fit perfectly atop it. They have also just brought back their palest shade, Bone1W1, which is a superb match for those with Celtic hues.

Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Foundation, €43.00

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This one has a medium finish, which can be built up if needed, but the coverage is so good, you'll rarely have to buff on an excess amount. Other foundations in the market that promise a similar effect have a tendency to feel heavy when applied, but this stands out in that it's weightless; it doesn't look or feel like you have a lot of it on (even if you do). Skin looks perfect and will stay sweat-free all day long. ?Be sure to moisturise before application (as you always should) because this can cling to pesky dry spots otherwise but I love it as it looks so natural on.?

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation, €36.50


This is perfect for sweltering days as neither rain nor tears (or any other form of moisture) can budge this oil-free watertight product, but most importantly, it doesn't dry out the skin as the fluid is water-based.?Its staying power is brilliant.

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