Cathy Carey

Cathy is a writer and digital marketer from Galway, now living in Vancouver, BC. In her spare time you’ll find her on the couch knitting jumpers, endlessly listening to podcasts or trying to motivate herself to go for a run.
personality quiz


‘Are you a Rachel or a Monica?’ Why I think indecision is really my superpower

Taking an online personality quiz, Cathy Carey asks if contorting ourselves to fit into binary boxes is a…

By Cathy Carey

natural dye


I dyed a t-shirt using onions and avocados, and the results were surprisingly lovely

Looking for a DIY project you can do at home with items you already have? Cathy Carey tries…

By Cathy Carey

the assistant


Does silence lead to success? How ‘The Assistant’ unveils the cold reality of office sexism

A fresh and gripping look at office and gender politics, The Assistant has just been released on streaming…

By Cathy Carey

free resources to try while on lockdown


10 free resources (from dancing and music to kid’s activities and audiobooks) to try while you’re in lockdown

Not sure how you're going to stay sane for another two weeks of this? Keep everyone in the…

By Cathy Carey

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