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Do not underestimate how productive WFB (working from bed) can be during lockdown

by Amanda Cassidy
21st Jan 2021

Isn’t this what we’ve always wanted?

Lockdown is awful, on that we can all agree. But while living through a pandemic where a killer virus on the loose may be the stuff of horror movies, there are aspects of this we can all endure with a little positivity.

Permanent duvet days are some of those things we will always hold dear from level five restrictions. Earning money while enjoying our duvet days is the bonus of the lack of social activity.

If you, however, are someone who cannot afford yourself the luxury of staying in PJ’s all day (Stoopid homeschool) then you may not want to read on. But when it comes to trying to get some productive work done – there are benefits to lounging flat with your laptop balanced on your bed.

As we speak there are people drafting legal documents, producing events, holding client calls, coding, emailing, studying and writing, all from under the covers.

Eat your heart out, Google HQ bean bags! 

Sarah is one of those – she works as a copywriter for a major US company based in Dublin. “At first I gave myself strict rules about working in the kitchen. But my flatmates were pretty noisy and my bed was just sitting there, looking all cosy. So I decided that after lunch I’d jump into bed and get my work done so I wasn’t a total lush.”

That was in April. By August, her bed had become her full-time office.

But this isn’t about being ‘lazy as sin’ as those with typical Irish mammies might have called us. This is about capitalising on a situation where for once in our lives we don’t have to be observed sitting prettily at our stiff, inflexible desks.

Forget beanbags – we have full-on 6-foot DreamyHeads mattresses to support us through that tedious number-crunching or telesales calls.

It is here that I have to hold my hand up and admit that I get my most productive work done while snuggled up in my duvet. After a day of homeschooling and work zoom calls, come 6 pm I switch my kids onto screen mode and I crawl under the covers for an hour of blissfully uninterrupted bedtime, work style.


I look forward to it so much that I now associate that work with positivity – the squeak of my mattress every bit as loud as the Pavlov dog’s bell.

The problem is that now I’m conditioned to WFB, how am I ever going to ease myself back into the real world – where you have to, eugh, sit in a char, beside people.

When the pandemic began I sniggered at all those setting up their cute home offices while I invested in orthopedic pillows and expensive mattress covers.

But let’s be kind to ourselves – Banana bread bakers we are all not. Surviving lockdown one day at a time is an achievement in itself. Do whatever it takes. After all, there are worse things than changing the world (or completing end of year accounts) from your leaba.

Image via unsplash.com