Watch: This Adorable Christmas Ad Will Warm Your Heart

As it’s Christmas week, we’re lapping up all the festive ads, films and songs we can get before talk of New Year celebrations begin. We’ve already spoken of some classic ads we love over yonder, but this latest ad surmising the importance of friendship may well get a place in our hall of fame.

Titled “Lily and the Snowman,” this animated spot tells the endearing tell of the lasting power of BFFs, even after many years go by. It features a Frosty-esque snowman who makes elaborate shadow puppets for a little girl. The two bond (they each have matching teddy bears) and become best friends, while the girl discovers that she can keep him frozen by putting him in a freezer once winter ends. It’s all going grand, until the little one, now grown up, realises she hasn’t thought of her sun-adverse friend for many years. That’s the point in which yours truly (and many other YouTube commentators) started to well up.

Watch it below for a boost on this chilly day. We promise it has a happy ending:

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