Maoliosa Murray is one of those people that makes you feel good about living in Dublin. Hailing from London via Monaco, her mere existence in the city makes you feel it’s a more innovative place, with a sense of style and design in league with far more cosmopolitan cities. Maoliosa (the store) resides within Minima on Hanover Quay, already one of our choice cuts in terms of interior design shops in town. In many ways this store-within-a-store is how we imagine shops of the future will be. Maoliosa is available for private consultation, she writes a well-curated blog, works on a variety of other projects, and is her own best advertisement for the shop. “The original concept was to come up with a store that was completely lifestyle,” she says. “When I came back here it was not with the intention to stay. But it became apparent that there was a market for mid to high-end lifestyle pieces and I was interested in getting involved, bringing a bit of a ‘luxe’ feel to things.” Her taste is what is essential to the shop – discerning and unique, a reflection of her insider’s guide to luxury brands. Maoliosa stocks brands such as Jonathan Adler, Bethan Gray, and The Rug Company exclusively. “When the world went upside down I wanted to reinvent myself and create my own lifestyle brand by looking at all the brands that I love and managing to implement people’s visions through my consulting, with a view to eventually developing my own product.” After having visited the shop and coveted every detail, and mainly Maoliosa’s effortless good taste,(seriously, go and see the rugs – they are works of art) we have no doubt she will succeed.

To coincide with the Dublin Horse Show, Maoliosa will be offering a glass of wine to visitors to her store, as she displays her Jonathan Adler horse heads and other themed objects. See you there!

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna Photos by Ailbhe O’Donnell

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