Backyard Harvest Party

Garden and food

Behind the scenes at Team Interiors’ casual cookout…

To celebrate our new issue, our love of food and our weakness for a good party, the Image Interiors & Living team threw a backyard harvest feast one sunny August evening…

Team Interiors got cooking over the summer – we all fanned out around the country to take cookery courses and write about them for the September/October issue. Then we reproduced what we’d learned in our gourmet garden get-together pictured here.

To learn more about street food, bread making, pickling and preserving, Indian food favourites and how to throw the most stylish dinner party the easy way, pick up the September/October issue, on sale now.

Enjoy the photos of our great feast, and send us Instagrams of your awesome foodie get-togethers on Facebook and Twitter.

Styling by Diana Nacu. Photography by Nathalie Marquez Courtney


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