Summer sleepwear pyjama sets for a cooling, comfortable sleep

by Holly O'Neill
18th Jun 2021

Cooling pyjama sets for chic sleeps on sweltering nights.

In the spirit of manifesting warmer weather, we’ve created an edit of lightweight summer sleepwear, breezy shorts and silky pyjama sets. Sure, we’re still in jumpers and leggings right now, but the weather app makes a habit of being wrong. In anticipation of finally ditching thick pyjamas and fluffy socks, you’ll be glad you prepared something strappy and cooling when a heatwave hits and you find yourself restless on a clammy, overheated night.

Shop our edit of chic and comfortable sets, from new brand Orchard Moon’s beautiful pyjama sets produced with the cellulose found in trees to Penneys’ affordable flowy floral shirt and shorts.

Photography by Rixo.

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