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I am not embarrassed. I love a big knicker. Here is where to buy the best

by Hannah Hillyer
08th May 2019

Hannah Hillyer is sick of needing a magnifying glass to locate the knickers in high street shops like Victoria’s Secret, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Hannah has, and always will, love big knickers. Let her explain why.

My mum, flatmate, sister and even occasionally my boyfriend (although he usually knows better) have commented on my love of big pants. ‘Bridgets’ are what my mother fondly calls them. Who could forget Hugh Grant’s discovery of a large pair of greying spandex under Bridget Jones’s dress?

Take pride in your pants

Since moving in with a friend our washing is strung across the radiators and rails about the house. There is nowhere for my big pants to hide (having no tumble drier is really a bummer). There is also a noticeable difference in the actual size of our pants. Hers are a size 8 and mine a 12. However, the difference in the style of pants we wear makes it look like David and bloody Goliath. Hers, dainty and lacy, pegged up beside mine, make them look utterly ginormous. At first, I baulked at the sight of them next to each other, but no more.

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is an act of self-love 

I am not embarrassed. I love a big knicker. To me wearing a teeny tiny thong is nothing short of hellish. With big pants there is no tugging, pulling, pinching or adjusting to do throughout the day. You put them on like a big, secure safety blanket and they are not going anywhere. I can go to the gym, to work, to bed or chill in front of the TV as they are so comfy. They can be sexy too, in a gorgeously retro way, you just need to find the right ones.

So no more shame about your delicates please (even if they’re not delicate). Instead let’s hang them up with pride next to your mates pin sized pants.

Where to buy yours

Lonely Label is an amazing brand making lingerie for women. They sell underwear that is sexy, yet practical, with a selection of styles and cuts to suit any body shape. Speaking of bodies, their collections are photographed on women of different, ages, weight and ethnicities, with stretch marks to boot. This is a brand we can get really get behind.

Rumi High Waist Brief Black €36.13 at lonelylabel.com

Another go-to underwear label that I love is Monki. One of H&M’s many brands, Monki has a great and affordable underwear range with seemingly endless colour options.

High Waist Lace Briefs €10 at monki.com

High Waist Lace Briefs €10 at monki.com

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