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Tea With Tilbury

04th Aug 2014


Bizarre beauty questions are regular watercooler convos in IMAGE. Liz Dwyer grills Charlotte Tilbury, the woman every A-lister has on speed-dial, to find out how to maximise your beauty regime with minimum effort.

Any tricks for contouring the face in a hurry?

Simply look in the mirror, suck your cheeks in, and just follow the hollow. Use a small, angled face brush, like a blusher brush, and a matte light bronzer. Dust the residue of what’s left on the brush along your jawline and then use a highlighter along the top of the cheekbone and bring it up to under the outer part of your eyebrow, creating a C-shape from the orbital bone to the cheek bone. My Filmstar Bronze & Glow flies off the shelves, as it makes this process so simple.

Backstage kit essentials?

Apart from seven suitcases of make-up – yes, seven – I always carry this special toup?e tape from Holland, and stick it on the temples or at the outer corner of the jaw and tuck it under the hair so you can’t see it. It gives an instant jowl-, cheek- and eye-lift. The results are incredible, albeit a little uncomfortable. In fact, I know of one notoriously bitchy supermodel who draws blood, she has it on so tight and so frequently. Celebrities never admit to using it, but they’re all in on that little secret for shoots and shows.

Backstage with Cara Delevingne

Best way to prep the skin for make-up?

If a celebrity has a hangover, or is puffy or simply exhausted, I use the old-school trick of filling a basin with water and tons of ice, and dunk their heads in it. It literally freezes all the blood vessels and lifts and tightens everything and really wakes up all the cells in the face and diminishes puffiness. Then I cleanse the skin with my Multi- Miracle Glow Cleanser, Mask & Balm. It works as both a softening cleanser, and an emergency treatment on dry, cracked areas of skin. If I team it with the Clarisonic facial brush, it’s like a five- star spa facial. Finally, I massage in a lot of my Charlotte’s Magic Cream, and boom, the skin is plumper, prettier, tauter and pretty much five years younger looking in under five minutes.

With one of her many famous pals, Kate Moss

How do you cover up imperfections?

If you have lots to cover, Est?e Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Make-up is really great, but used on targeted areas only as a concealer, not as a foundation, as it’s way too heavy. Stipple it on breakouts, spots, your cheek or chin, and build up light layers if more is needed. But use a lighter foundation first for the rest of your face. It won’t budge and keeps everything under wraps until you wash it off.

A peek at the beauty brand you have to get your hands on

Any tricks for reapplying mascara later in the day?

Ah, the desk to dusk to disco conundrum! Get a clear mascara or eyebrow gel and brush through and that will help with the clogging, while putting a bit of life and definition back into your lashes. I personally quite like a bit of build-it-up, though. I put masses on in the morning and then before I go out, I would wack a load more on.